Sunday, October 21, 2007

Marble Muffins

Recipe yields about 24 pieces


480 gm. Cake flour
300 gm. fresh milk
330 gm. sugar
230 gm. Butter
5 eggs
30 gm. Baking powder
30 gm. cocoa powder

60 gm. chocolate chip for sprinkling on top.


(1) Cream butter and sugar till pale and creamy.
(2) Add in eggs into the butter mixture, making sure that they blended before the next addition.
(3) Add in flour,baking powder and milk into the butter mixture.
(4) Scoop out about 300 gm. batter and stir in cocoa powder.
(5) Pour the cocoa mixture into the plain mixture and lightly mix them to make a marble effect look.
(6) Scoop mixture into paper cups, sprinkle chocolate chips on top.
(7) Bake at 180C for about 25 to 30 mins. or till cooked.


Yan said...

Aunty :
i am amazed at your nimble skill at the swirl for this marble muffin. artistic. i like. =D

jessi said...


why the paper cup does not stick/wrap my cup cake?

when the cup cakes are cooled, the paper cups will fall apart too.


cui said...

Look at those yummilicious muffins! And aunty, i want to learn ur tiramisu. Can you teach me? =) Miss you and take care.

Anonymous said...

hi aunty yochana, the muffins look so nice & soft.. can you share the recipes please... would love to try for my nieces.. they love muffins so much..

thank you in advance for your kindness..


Anonymous said...

hi aunty yochana,
the muffins look so delicious.. and the texture looks soft & fluffy
can you share the recipes please...
would love to try for my nieces.. muffins are their favorites..

thank you in advance for your kindness..


cindy said...

HI, yochana!

can i noe how to make tis marble muffins? can i have the recipe?
and i've tried the oreo and raisin cupcakes! it turn out real nice! hope to get ur will reply soon!



yochana said...

Hi cui,

bet I know why you want to learn this. Aidan's favourite. Anyway, it's very simple. I can teach you during one of my off days. I know this month is your birthday...a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.


yochana said...

Hi Jessi,

Mine normally will stick to the paper cup but I have experienced the paper cup leaving the side of the cakes too. It's either too much butter or the mixing is not properly done.


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty yochana,

such appealing muffins!!!! i want to learn from you too! Aunty, may i know where can i find your metal muffin pan? I can only find those non-stick ones around.



yochana said...

Hi Khing,

I bought these pans from Chong Trading at The Adelphi. Pretty ex...I think it's about S$150 each. I can't remember the exact price but you can call them up. It comes from USA, No. 5323 - Wear-Ever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty!

I would love to learn from you too!! pls take me as your student....

Could you kindly share this recipe so that I can make for my niece's party that's coming up soon??



n2inpink said...

Dear aunty Yo,

Off day???? my God! you are working and still can bake minimum 3 items every day?
you muz be super woman !!!!
dunno how many thumbs up :) pei fu pei fu...

btw, wish you can share this recipes, really looks yummy and mouth watering.


Shamini said...

for some reason when I saw these I thought they were steamed, similar to the steamed marble chocolate cakes sold @ Four Leaves for $2 a piece. Cool.

Anonymous said...

hello! care to share ur recipe and steps?

yochana said...

Hi shamini,

these are baked.


Jane can bake. said...

Aunt Yochana,
The very first step of creaming the butter and sugar, what is the speed of the mixer usually? I normally put on low speed. I'm not sure if I have either overbeaten or underbeat my mixture as when it's to rise, it didn't and when it's to be flat, it rised.
Can you advise please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi:) i made a mouse cake from yr blog recently, and it turn out very nice. but i have a question. how do we get a clean cut look when cutting the cake? when i cut mine, the sponge cake and the mousse sort of stick to the knife, and eventually, they will stick to the top of the cake. TQ:)

Carpe Diem said...


thanks for sharing the recipe.
you're the best!!!

yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

For mousse don't use serrated knife. Use a sharp knife, slice it and clean the knife after every slice.


yochana said...

Hi Jane can bake,

Use medium speed to cream your butter and sugar. A little over or under time is not much of a difference to the cake.

don't worry...


eve said...

hi aunty yochana..

what is strawberry emulco and where can i get strawberry emulco?


yochana said...

Hi Eve,

You can get strawberry emulco / paste from NTUC - King's Bake or Sun Lik or Phoon Huat.


Anonymous said...

clean knife agter every slice? oic. tq:)

Maya said...

Hi Aunty,

May I know what kind of milk do you use? Is it ok to use the evaporated milk kind? Less fat? I tried making muffins with UHT milk too thick for me as I don't drink milk. What else can I substitute with?


yochana said...

Hi Maya,

yes, you can use evaporated milk. It will be more delicious.


mg said...

Thank you very much for posting Auntie. I will give it a try.

Truc Mai.

Irene Tan said...

Dear Aunty Youchana

Sometime when I beat the egg white to foamy then add sugar to beat till stiff, it becomes watery and cannot be beaten at all.

Is it that I did not beat the egg white enough?

How do you determine whether you have beat enough when:
1) Creaming egg yolk and sugar to light
2)Beating egg white to foamy
3)Beating egg white to soft peak


yochana said...

Hi Irene,

Your bowl probably is not greasefree and remember not to drop any egg yolk into the egg white. Any trace of egg yolk has to be taken out with the egg shell. Sometimes I add in a pinch of salt and continue beating if I find the egg white watery and it works.

(1) beating egg yolks with sugar - it should be creamy and lemoney yellow in colour.

(2) egg white beat with sugar. First you beat the egg white till slightly frothy then pour in sugar a little at a time to increase it's volume and to get soft peak, take the whisk and turn it upside down, the egg white should form into a soft hook. For stiff form, they will stand up stand like a peak of a mountain.


Yan said...

Aunty :
i tried to make the swirl effect today but it din turn out 'correctly'.
however, the cake texture was great. tks for the receipe.
heres my attempt.

Anonymous said...


I made this marble muffins the other day and it turned out really nice, the muffins is realllllyyy smooth. Thank you for your recipe Aunty...


mg said...

Dear Auntie Yochana,

This is Truc Mai. I tried this recipe already, both my hubby and my son love it very much !! Thank you million times for sharing it to us.
Have a nice weekend Auntie.
Truc Mai.

yochana said...

hi truc mai,

you're most welcome.


zh said...

Hi aunty!

tried this recipe..turned out good, i made a bit of changes but of most recipes that i found online, ur blog has 1 of the better ones ! Cheers!


joyce said...

hi aunty yochana

i've tried this recipe, but it came out hard :(( do you know what could be the possible cause??

yochana said...

hi joyce,

did you cut down anything?

If you cut down sugar, it will become hard.

try cutting flour instead of sugar and it will become soft.


joyce said...

hi aunty yochana

yes! i cut down the ingredient into half and i think i made a big mistake in my maths! instead of using 165gm of sugar, i used only 115gm of sugar. so blur of me...

btw, i used 3 eggs, will that be okie?

thanks aunty, i will take note and try it again.

keep on your blog =)

yochana said...

Hi Joyce,

I guess it must be the sugar problem. Lots of people tried to cut down sugar and thus gets dense and hard cakes. 3 eggs is O.K.


Anonymous said...


I've been checking into your site almost everydy since i stumble across it.

Your baking looks yummy!. Made the marble muffin last night and it turned out great except for the Milo cereal balls that i added into the mixture, it turned chewy and not crispy..

Where have I gone wrong.. :(

Aunty Yochana said...


Milo cereal balls will definitely turn soggy...cos it soaked into the batter.


Carol said...


Instead of using the cocoa powder, can i use melted chocolate instead?I do not want to compromise the cocoa powder (havent got time to buy valrhona but have chocolate bar at home)....

oiuy said...

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