Friday, August 08, 2008

Lotus Paste

Lotus Paste:

Pandan Lotus Paste

White Bean Paste


xan said...

Hi Lucy

did you make them yourself? if not where is good to buy them?


yochana said...

Hi Xan,

My mum cooked the above paste. I don't buy lotus paste. I normally cook it myself. Sometimes when I run out of lotus seeds then only I will buy. I like the Green Tea Lotus Paste from Sun Lik.

You can buy the paste from:

Kwong Cheong Thye
Sun Lik
Pastry Mart
Nig Ming Huat. JB


Anonymous said...

HI aunty,

How do I make mooncake paste like yours? I am not leaving in Spore, so there is no where I can buy them. Please share the recipe with us. Thanks a million. And also you spiral mookcake look very nice and delicious. Can you also teach us how to make that shape. I think that mooncake does not need any mould, therefor really suitable for me. Thank you again aunty.


backyana said...

Hello Auntie yochana,

can you please post recipe of lotus paste? It is hard to buy googd ones!!


yochana said...

Hi backyana,

The Lotus paste recipe is already in my Blog..


yochana said...

Hi Alice,

The lotus paste recipe is already in my blog.

As for the spiral mooncake, you need a little bit of skill there.


jenny said...

Hello Aunty

How do you flavour the pandan lotus paste wiht pandan?

Do you have a post of a green tea snow skin?

Can you use the konnyaku jelly molds for the snow skin?

thanks a million!

yochana said...

Hi jenny,

I cooked lotus seed paste with pandan juice and the green colour is natural with no artificial colouring added.

I'm not too sure whether I've posted a green tea snow skin recipe.

Yes you can use konnyaku jelly moulds for snow skin. Just press it in and then dislodge it.


backyana said...

Hi aunty yochana,
I´ve searched your recipe index and didn´t find the lotus paste recipe. Please give me a hint where I can find it.....

Thank you very much!!

yochana said...

Hi backyana,

It's under "Traditional Moon cake"


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty,

Happy Nationalday to you.
I have found the lotus paste recipe. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, I dun think I can make it cos I dun know where to get maltose and alkaline water. =( Also I have no mooncake mould. So I guess this year I have to give mooncake a miss. Yours always look very very nice. I will just satisfy my craving by looking at your delicious mooncakes.

Best rdgs,


Reira said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

Have tried making using your recipe. Is it suppose to have a strong lotus seed taste?

I've bought lotus paste from phoon huat, before making my own and the taste is really different. The one from phoon huat doesnt have lotus seed taste at all (or atleast I cant taste the lotus seed).


Chinese Soup Pot said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures and the lotus paste recipe! I buy mooncakes every year but never knew how the moon cakes or the lotus paste was made. Very enlightening!

And for those still looking for the lotus paste recipe, I found it here on Yochana's site