Friday, July 25, 2008

Tapioca Balls


300 gm. Tapioca - grated and squeeze out excess water
120 gm. water
1/2 grated white coconut
1/2 tsp. salt
130 gm. sugar
100 ml. water
2 nos. pandan leaves


(1) Boil sugar, 100 ml. water and pandan leaves together till sugar dissolves. Discard Pandan leaves. Pour this mixture into the grated tapioca and mix well. Add in water and mix well.
Pour into a tray and steam until cooked through.
(2) Roll cooked tapioca into round balls and coat with steamed grated coconut.
(3) Serve.

Note: Steam grated coconut with salt for about 10 mins.


Jeannie said...

oh gosh.....just absolutely scrumptious looking.....please share recipe.

Anonymous said...

could you share the recipe, pls

Anonymous said...

could you share the recipe, pls!

pearl said...

could you share the recipe, pls!

sweet tooth said...

hi aunty..

pls pardon my ignorance, but is tapioca balls what they call oneh oneh in malay?

if it isn't then do you have any recipe for oneh oneh? its one of my favourite. hee hee.

many thanks!

happy baking!

Pnut said...

Can I ahve the recipe please. Thanks


yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

These are not oneh's steamed tapioca.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,

May I know which book you get the recipe from?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

hi aunty, u said is a steam tapioca, do u mean after u steam the tapioca u make them into a round ball ( the tapioca in the picture look round in shape)

Anonymous said...

hi aunty!
in that case do you have recipe for oneh oneh? hee.. it would be wonderful if you have it!

and apple strudel? have you tried making it before? it's one of the sweet treats i can't resist too.

thanks alot aunty for sharing all your recipes!

happy baking!

Anonymous said...

i'm really impressed with your collection,pls! could you share all the recipes that you've posted,i wanted to try all your posting.I really appreciated it if you could.Thank you so much for sharing.


jjlong said...

hi aunty can i know how long to steam this tapioca balls???