Sunday, September 09, 2007

Winter Plum Blossom Flower Flaky Mooncake

Ingredients for Water Skin:

200 gm. Plain flour
20 gm. Icing sugar
80 gm. shortening
100 ml. water

Ingredients for Oily Skin:

200 gm. Plain flour
120 gm. Shortening

For Filling:

800 gm. Lotus Paste or any paste of your choice

For Glazing: 1 egg yolk (lightly beaten)
Some black and white sesame seeds for decoration


(1) Divide filling into 50 gm. portions and roll into round balls. Set aside.
(2) Combine flour, icing sugar and shortening of Water Skin. Add in water and knead into a soft dough. Divide into 16 portions.
(3) Combine Pastry ingredients together and divide into 16 portions.
(4) Flatten water skin and wrap in oily dough. Shape round and roll into a long strip and roll into a swiss roll. Repeat process one more time. Do the same with remaining pieces. Repeat process till all the dough finish.
(5) Flatten each rolled dough into a round shape and wrap up with lotus paste.
(6) Use a knife or cutter to slit 5 slits leaving the middle part intact. Use your thumb to make a depression in the center.
(7) Use the cutter to make some lines on the cut blossom flower.
(8) Glaze with egg and sprinkle some sesame seeds in the depression - center of the mooncakes.
(9) Bkae in a preheated oven at 180C for 20 - 25 mins. Cool on cooling rack.


Anonymous said...

Aunty ,
This cake look so nice , please can you share this receipe . Thank you so much .

reena said...

This is so pretty!! You are so good in it!

Samantha said...

wow... aunty yochana,
can share this recipe with me???

thanks in advance :)

Seng said...

They are so pretty, look yummy.

Can you share the recipe


Anonymous said...


this look so pretty... can you pls share the recipe?? thanks

Anonymous said...

Thks for yr generousity to share with us.

Irene Tan said...

Dearest Yochana

What is the difference between butter and shortening? If I were to use butter, how will it affect the mooncake?


yochana said...

Hi Irene,

Butter is from animal and shortening is vegetable shortening.

If you use butter , it will have a buttery flavour and it's delicious. The only problem is that the dough will be very difficult to handle as the butter melts. The shortening is more stable and it's easier to roll and pleat.


Seko & Soc said...

Dear Aunty,

I've done this mooncake yesterday. It's so amazing. I don't have shortening, so I used butter instead. It has flaky and multi-layer skin. I use red bean filling. It's also yummy. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. If you have time, pls go to my site to see it.

Aunty Yochana said...

Oh Seko & amp,

Thumbs up!! keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana

Very pretty mooncake :)

For this type of pastry, instead of plain flour, what other types of flour can we use? HK flour?


Aunty Yochana said...

hi cn,

actually any flour will do.


Anonymous said...


can I halve the recipe? That will make only 8 mooncakes right? Thanks.