Monday, June 25, 2007

Banana Chocolate Pie

Ingredients for Pie Crust:

160 gm. Plain flour
15 gm. cocoa powder
30 gm. ground almonds
135 gm. unsalted butter
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 beaten egg - about 30 gm.


80 gm. Butter
80 gm. sugar
2 egg yolks
100 gm. ground almonds
1 Tbsp. cake flour
2 egg white
30 ml. banana liquer or rum
280 gm. Bananas - sliced
30 gm. chocolate chips


(1) To make pie crust, rub butter into sifted flour, cocoa powder and ground almonds till crumbly.
(2) Add in beaten egg and knead lightly until it forms into a pliable dough. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
(3) Roll out rested dough and press into a 20 cm. or 8" round (height about 2 inches) fluted pie dish. Trim off edges and leave to rest in the fridge.
(4) Meanwhile, prepare the fillings. Creambutter and sugar until creamy.
(5) Add in egg yolks one at a time, making sure it's evenly combined before the next addition. Mix well.
(6) Add in flour and ground almonds.
(7) Beat egg white until fluffy, fold into egg yolk mixture. Add in rum.
(8) Mix in the sliced banana and stir lightly then pour into prepared pie crust.
(9) Sprinkle chocolate chips on top.
(10) Bake in preheated oven at 175C for about 40 mins. or until cooked.
(11) Leave to cool on cooling rack until completely cooled. Chill in the fridge and then slice and serve.


Chawanmushi said...

yochana ....this one looks interesting texture wise looks like a cake with chocolate chips inside ...pie size.
Would love to look at the recipe! tia

Anonymous said...

hi yochana, can u pls share the recipe for this looks very yummy..tia

Yaha said...

This is yummy :)

this recipe can be found in the latest issue of FAMOUS CUISINE

Anonymous said...

hi Aunty,

hv taken a closer look at the photos, the upper layer is cake like texture, the lower layer consists of all bananas.. is that right?


yochana said...

Hi fei fei,

It's supposed to be mixed instead of being separated. I think my eggs are too big so the batter is too light for the bananas.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty Yochana,

Can you tell me where did you purchase the pie dish used in the banana chocolate pie. I went to Phoon Huat, but they do not have 2 inch height for loose base pie dish. The max height is only 1" for loose base.

Thanks a lot.

Dawn Tan

yochana said...

Hi Dawn,

I bought the high one from Chong Trading at Adelphi, Coleman Street.

If you use the short one which is about 1" high, cut down the recipe to half..


LittleNoodle said...

Hello Aunty Yochana,

Is the size of the cake tin crucial in this recipe? Can i use a 9" springform tin instead?

yochana said...

Hi little noodle,

yes you can use a springform tin. no problem.


jiahui said...

hello! in your opinion, does this cake taste better or the other banana cakes on your site? can't decide which to make! thanks....

yochana said...

Hi Jiahui,

Both has it's own taste but I love buttery banana cake.