Friday, May 11, 2007

Spike D - Durian Mousse Cake

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....for those lovely daughters who wish to make this lovely dessert for their mummy dearest.

Mix Fruit Chiffon Cake

Ingredients for sponge cake:

2 eggs
1/2 tsp. ovalette
130 gm. Chocolate optima sponge mix
35 gm. water
35 gm. cornoil

Durian Mousse:

40 gm. instant custard
60 gm. water
250 gm. durian puree
10 gm. gelatine powder + 50 gm. water (soak)
150 gm. Dairy whipped cream (Elle Vire brand)
1/2 tsp. durian paste (optional)

chocolate Glaze:

150 gm. semi-sweet dark chocolate
110 gm. heavy cream (Elle Vire brand)
30 gm. light corn syrup (Karo brand)


(1) For sponge, mix all the ingredients together except cornoil and whisk till thick.
(2) Fold in cornoil and mix till well combined.
(3) Pour into a square tray (12" x 12") and bake for about 15 mins. at 180C.
(4) Remove cake from oven and leave it to cool. Then use a round cutter to cut one piece smaller than the other (you need 2 pieces to make 1 cake). Size depends on the silicon mould that you used. I used a 6 hole-in-one silicon mould (half-spheres).
(5) For mousse: Soak gelatine powder with water till it blooms then microwave for 20 secs.
(6) Mix instant custard with water and stir till smooth. Add in melted gelatine and stir till well mixed.
(7) Fold in durian puree and then fold in whipped cream.
(8) Spoon some durian mousse into the mould, place a piece of sponge cake on top , spoon in some durian mousse again and then cover with the bigger piece that fits exactly the base of the hole. Continue till finished and then place in the refrigerator to chill till set.
(9) Boil heavy cream till slightly boil at the edge, then pour hot milk over the chopped chocolate. Stir till smooth, then add in corn syrup.
(10) When the durian mousse is set, unmould the cake from the silicon mould, then pour chocolate glaze over it.
(11) Chill in the refrigerator and serve chilled.

**This recipe is created by auntyyochana.


Anonymous said...

this is my favourite. can you share your recipe aunty? daphne

Anonymous said...

I love durian so much aunty, can you please share the recipe with me? Allyssa

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

This durian mousse cake is to die for!! Please share the recipe, can?

My family all love durian and chocolate!!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Looks like tea cakes, but oh so Singaporean! hehe

aka mummygirl

Anonymous said...

aunty, just in case you miss my request. is it possible to share this recipe? i was telling my sister about this and we wanted to try making it this weekend for our mommy as present. thanks daphne

Unknown said...

hi aunty, thanks for a great gift to present to our mom on Mother's Day.
Can we used other brands of whipping cream besides (Elle Vire brand)Will it makes a big different in taste.
Is there a subsitute for heavy cream as i have not use them before n do wonder can it found in kl.
I've only used cooking chocolate before , what is semi sweet dark chocolate? Will this name be written on the label.
I do not have a silicon round mould , is there a subsitute i can use.

I'm sorry for all the questions , just that this is my first ever time in making such luxury dessert n hope to make it in time for Mothers day. Thank u

ME said...

hi aunty yochana,

where did u buy elle vire whipped cream and karo corn syrup?



Aunty Yochana said...


Any whip cream with 35% fat is called Dairy Cream. In KL, you can get President and many others.

Do you have any mould that is hemisphere shape. Half round or you can modify into other shapes as well. You can use small cake rings to make this cake...a round or square one will do.

Any cooking chocolate will do as long as it can melt. Of course Varlhona will give you the best taste.

Aunty Yochana said...

Hi alice,

Karo can be found in many supermarkets. Elle vire is a 35% fat whipping cream known as Dairy Whipping Cream. You can use President Brand also..they are the same.
I think you're not residing in SG. For SG, Sun Lik sells both the above items.


ME said...

aunty thanks for ur info
i live in spore its just that i nvr been to sunlik before cos not vy convenient for me
i guess i'll look for them at supermkt if cant find then i go to sunlik :)


Anonymous said...

I loved
the Mix Fruit Chiffon Cake
please can u share this recipe???
thank u..........

ting said...

hello aunty,

I recently baked your spike d durian cake. Here's my version. It was very good. Will add more durian puree the next time thou haha ;p Thanks for sharing :)

Simonne said...

wow ur durian moouse cake is like a durian truffles! kekeke..