Saturday, April 07, 2007

Caramel Peach Cake


250 gm. unsalted butter
60 gm. lightly packed soft brown sugar
825 gm. can peach halves in syrup
200 gm. castor sugar
3 tsp. finely grated lemon zest
3 eggs - lightly beaten
310 gm. Self-raising flour
150 gm. plain yoghurt
100 gm. evaporated milk


(1) Lightly grease a 9" round cake tin and line the bse with baking paper. Melt 50 butter and pour on the base of the tin. Evenly sprinkle brown sugar on top. Drain the peaches and arrange the peach halves , cut-side up over the sugar mixture.
(2) Cream the remaining 200 gm. butter with sugar until pale and creamy.
(3) Add in egg one at a time, beating well after each addition. The mixture may look curdled but it will come together once the flour is added.
(4) Fold in the flour alternately with the yoghurt and milk then pour mixture over the peaches in the tin and smoothen the surface.
(5) Bake for 1 hour 25 mins. at 175C or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the centre of the cake.
(6) Leave to cool in the tin for 10 mins. before turning out onto a cake rack.
(7) Cool completely before slicing.


Anonymous said...


can you please post this recipe too??looks too yummy...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow what a beautiful cake~!
It looks very moist ^^
Im just wondering if it tastes as divine as it looks : P


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,

How about a afternoon tea party, with all your lovely cakes???
Really looked forward ... ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

Your peach cake looks so firm and nice.

I'd baked a similar cake before, but it's kind of soft and wet, especially the area around the peach. The cake just broke up easily. On my second attempt, i tried baking it longer but the side and the top got burnt. It's just so frustrating. Now I've given up on it. :(


yochana said...

Hi Regina,

The next time you bake this cake, dry your peach with a towel so that when it's baked, the surrounding area does not absorb too much liquid and as for the side to the tin, try wrapping around with wet towel so that it won't get burnt. Don't give up, you'll definitely will succeed if you try harder.


yochana said...


you're most welcome to my hse for afternoon tea anytime.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty

Have tried baking this cake. A very nice cake.

Thank u.


yochana said...

Hi celia,

glad you like it.


Reena said...

Aunty Yochana,

Looks yummy as usual:) When should it put in the zested lemon? It's not written. Thanks heaps

yochana said...

Hi Reena,

Throw the lemon zest in while creming the butter and sugar.


Sunsweet said...

Aunty Yo,

What is the size of your pan?

If no Plain Yogurt, what else can we use?

Aunty Yochana said...

hi sunsweet,

make your own yoghurt.

1 cup fresh milk , add in a tsp of lemon juice and let it sit for 15 mins. at room temp and it will turn into yoghurt.


green said...

hi aunty yo,

can i use apricots instead of peach? will be apricot cake already? i'm so you think it will taste nice or have you tried it before?

thanks so much...

Aunty Yochana said...

Hi green,

yes you can use apricots, apples, peaches, bananas, any fruit you want.


green said...

hi aunty yo,

i've baked this yesterday but using apricots & peach together. evrything went fine but i think i've overbaked it, as the top(which bacame the bottom/base/crust) was hard and i've arranged all the peaches/apricots nicely but after baking, it all went to the side, hahaha..think next time i should put it more in the middle...but over all the cake is so yummy and today the base is so much softer...

thanks so much aunty yo!!!

best regards...

sally said...

Hello aunty,

I tried out your recipe with a few minor modifications. Its a delicious cake indeed. Thank you for sharing. Love all your recipes..