Monday, January 01, 2007

Green Pea Cookies


80 gm. Plain flour
40 gm. Cornflour
80 gm. Roasted Green Peas (buy the snack green peas and blend till fine)
50 gm. Icing Sugar
80 - 100 ml. Cornoil


(1) Mix all the ingredients together, add corn oil and mix well. Rest for 15 mins.
(2) Roll dough into small round ablls and put onto tray and bake at 150C for about 15 - 20 mins.
(3) Leave onto rack to cool before storing into containers.

Note: Can buy ready made Green Pea Premix from Ng Ming Huat, JB. Just add in 100 ml. cornoil, roll and bake. It's more convenient.


marissa said...

Ooooooo thank you Aunty for the recipe!!! You're the best, big kiss and hug for you!

By the way, I thought the peas used are the frozen kind at first hee hee. Thanks so much again!

jsuan said...

Wanted to try this recipe. But can I check whether this recipe will produce the melt in the mouth effect. I sample those sold outside, notice that there is 2 versions of this green peas cookies. There is one type that will melt in the month (except you can feel the skin of the peas it is very light) and another type that you will have to really bite it to break the cookies (harder). So this recipe will produce which type of effect. Look forward to your reply. BTW I have already bought the green peas and ready to grind. Thanks!

yochana said...

hi jsuan,

Oops....I can't really remember how it taste like already. Why don't you try a small portion and see whether you like it or not.


Stef said...

Hi jsuan...I find it in between...they are melt in the mouth with a crispy afterfeel because of the green peas...

But these are definitely too hard...
Just right! =)
(the way Goldilocks likes in the bedtime story hahaha!)

yochana said...

Hi Stef and Jsuan,

I did this today and I love it. Just the way Stef described. It melts in the mouth with a crispy after feel.


Anonymous said...


i'm wondering if its possible to substitute corn oil with olive oil instead?

Aunty Yochana said...

Hi anonymous

Yes you can subsitute.

I would appreciate if you could leave a nickname so that I can address you properly instead of so many anonymous...


Anonymous said...

hi aunty,
i got difficulties in getting the green pea.. now outside mostly selling the type coated wif white coating.. if not wif garlie flavour.. is it ok to use it?


Aunty Yochana said...

hi elaine,

you have to get the plain one.


Anonymous said...

hi aunty,
may i know where can i get it the original green peas??
i tried ntuc... unable to get :(



Aunty Yochana said...

hi elaine,

I bought it from NTUC . Try Giant cos I've bought it from Giant before.


rosloh said...


I recently bought the green peas from Daiso, it's 130gm per pkt.

Just made it last night. Melts in the mouth with crunchy after effect.


Anonymous said...

hi yochana,
i baked de green pea cookies for cny. It tasted jus like everyone says "melts in our mouth and crisy after taste". Thank you so much for your recipe. Really appreciate it. Have a great day =)