Friday, December 01, 2006

Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake


180 gm. chocolate - chopped finely
230 gm. cream cheese
100 gm. castor sugar
60 ml. rum
100 gm. cake crumbs
50 gm. glace cherries
50 gm. raisins
75 gm. chopped walnuts

some melted chocolate for coating
Some coloured chocolate rice or 1001 - for decorations


(1) Melt chocolate over a pot of simmering water.
(2) Add in cream cheese and stir till well combined.
(3) Add in castor sugar and stir till smooth.
(4) Add in Rum.
(5) Add in cake crumbs, raisins, walnuts and glace cherries. Mix well.
(6) If the mixture is too soft to handle, chill it first then mould into small log shape.
(7) Coat the shaped log with melted chocolate and then sprinkle coloured chocolate rice on top.
(8) Chill then cut into pieces.
(9) Serve.


Anonymous said...

Gosh.. this looks so so good! I really wish i live somewhere near you Yochana esp now that i can hardly move around anymore, not to mention baking.. :(

Your daily bakes never fail to make me drool and crave for them :P

yochana said...

Hi cherie,

If I'm not mistaken, you're in your final stage of pregnancy. Oops..hope I didn't get the wrong person. Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

Take care...


Anonymous said...

Hi hi!

Yeah yeah.. i'm that cherie. Hehe.. currently in my final stage of pregnancy. Another month to go only ;)

yochana said...

Hi cherie,

Well, take care in your final stage. BTW, did you manage to get your nanny?

Take care and have a wonderful confinement..

n2inpink said...

dear aunty yo, this chocolate truffle looks super yummy.....

wanted to give it a try.

may i know what brand of rum you are using? where to get it? how much $$$ ?

if i'm not wrong, rum have two type, dark and white (dry)....
what is the diff?
I'm really "kampong" in liquer :)

is this the same rum for snowskin rum&raisin mooncake that selling out side?

i went to paragon, basement, there is one shop sell wine (opposite paragon market place), they have rum but can't explain how to use etc, end up i've to seek your advise before buy the rum :)

thanks in advance

yochana said...

hi n2inpink,

you can get rum in most places like Jasons. Buy Myer's dark rum or Captain Morgan.


Yan said...

Aunty :
after the chocolate is melted, do i remove it away fm heat to add all the other ingredients gradually?

(me doing xmas & CNY bakes resourcing preview... i tink i more k.s. hahahha)

yochana said...

Hi Yan,

Yes, you have to remove from the heat to prevent the chocolate from separating into oil and milk. This would be delicious for the kids.


Yan said...

Roger that Aunty. thank you.

btw, this is meant to "tempt" the BIGGER, OVERAGED, "KIDs". hehe. =p

nikki said...

i don't get cream cheese here. can i replace it with something else?

yochana said...

hi nikki,

Use any soft cheese or buttercream then.