Sunday, July 02, 2006

Honey Dew Sago Dessert

For you, Edith....


200 gm. Sago
200 gm. sugar
4 cups Water
1 litre of ice-cream (any ice-cream of your preference)
- But I like to use Nata De Coco ice-cream
700 gm. of Blended Honey Dew
Some Honey Dew balls


(1) Boil the sugar and water until sugar dissolves. Cool it.

(2) Soak sago for 10 min., then lightly wash it but before you soak, boil a pot of water. When the water is boiling, pour in the sago and boil till almost transparent. Off the fire, close the cover and let it soak in the hot water until it's completely transparent. Wash the sago until running tap until it's not sticky.

(3) Blend the honey dew and keep some melon balls by using a melon scoop to scoop into balls.

(4) Mix all the ingredients together and keep in the fridge until it's really cold and then serve.

Note: Sweetness is up to individual. I prefer mine to have more ice-cream and normally I will add additional ice-cream and it becomes yummy and creamy.


jingle26 said...

hi, i heard abt you from edith, also from lena and don, its great to know you.

Puspha said...

WOW!!!! Finally, u started a blog. U r a wonderful baker.

Wuld u minf if I add u in my blogroll?

jadepearl said...

Yummy dessert!!! Me also did dessert the other day ~ bubur cha cha!!!

lena said...

Yochana, thank you for the tea party. We had a great time at your place. With so much food to eat! You were right we need to bring an empty belly with us to finnish those lovely food!
Thank you for sharing your lovely recipes with us too.

Precious Moments said...

Thanks for the recipe. I am going to make it soon. yum yum.

yochana said...

Hi jingles26, great to know you too. How come you never attend our high-tea? It's fun though...will have another one.

pusha - of course you can add me into you blogroll.

jadepearl - how's yr bubur cha cha?

lena- you're most welcome.

edith - have you made this honey dew sago yet??

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yochana for this great refreshing dessert recipe. I made it the other day and my family members loves it.

wink aka Diana

Anonymous said...

for the honydew sago,will it turn bitter after being left over night in the fridge?

yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

I won't turn bitter even after a few days.


CSee said...

Hi Aunty,
I made this dessert yesterday and it really taste very good. As it didn't state how much will the recipe make (yr recipe can serve about 10 pax or even more)...the serving is too much for my family of 4 pax...It will be good if you can indicate the quantity of the serving for some of the recipe though...however it is just a suggestion. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe...


yochana said...

Thanks Csee for the suggestion. That's a good suggestion which I will try my best to remember to put in.


Quinn said...

Aunty Yo, is it alright if I replace 2 cups of the water with milk or honeydew juice? I might cut down on the sugar though. Thanks.

yochana said...

Hi Quinn,

Better to replace with honeyjuice rather than milk. You need to dissolve the sugar in it and I'm afraid that the milk might cuddle.


Quinn said...

Thanks Aunty Yo, will do this again when I got honeydew in hand.