Friday, June 30, 2006


Yeast Dough:

2 tsp Instant Yeast
150 gm. coconut water or water (the coconut water is inside the coconut itself)
50 gm. Plain flour

Mix the instant yeast with the coconut water and let it stand for 5 mins. Mix in the plain flour and stir till smooth. Rest for 30 mins.


500 gm. Yam or Orange colour sweet potatoes (steamed and mashed)
400 gm. Self Raising flour
150 gm. Thick coconut milk
375 gm. sugar (200 gm boil with coconut milk and 175 whisk with eggs)
2 nos. eggs
1/4 tsp. Vanillin
1 tsp. Yam paste or a drop of purple colouring (for orange sweet potatoes, no colouring or essence is required as they have a nice orangy - natural colour)


(1) Boil the thick coconut milk and sugar until just boil. Warm will do, just to dissolve the sugar. Let it cool completely.

(2) Mix the boiled coconut milk with mashed yam or sweet potatoes and the whisked eggs. Sieve it. It will be thick but press through the sieve.

(3) Add in flour and stir till well mixed.

(4) Add in the fermented yeast dough and stir till well mixed.

(5) Rest batter for 2 to 3 hours covered with a wet cloth.

(6) Prepared small moulds with paper cups. Scoop in the batter till almost to the rim. To make the yam huat kueh split open, dip your spatula into a small bowl of cornoil and then make a cross on top.

(7) Steam for about 15 mins till cooked.

I get very excited when I make huat kueh or fatt kou in cantonese. The most excited part is when you open up the steamer's cover and you'll have a lot of exclamation!! It could mean 2 things - the fatt kou opens up and smile at you or it turns grumpy and never smile at all. Have fun and don't forget to post pics after doing it...


Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for posting this recipe. *muak*

By the way, can I substitute 1/4 tsp. vanillin with 1/4 tsp. vanilla essence? (no vanillin here). Also I don't have yam paste or purple coloring, what to do leh? I only have red, yellow, blue and green coloring. Is any of the above colors mixed together equal to purple?

jadepearl said...

Hi there!

Me from Jo's Deli Bakery and I just love those food pixs!!! Me salivate and salivate!!! Keep up the good work leh!

yochana said...

Hi 'little corner of mine', of course can sub with vanilla essence - besides affecting a slight tinge of colour, the taste is the same.
Omit colouring if your yam is dark coloured enough otherwise, red and blue might give you a nice purple colour. What you can do is, mix into a small little bowl first until you get the right colour then use it...

hi jadepearl...keep salivating but I'm sure you can bake very well too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana

Your Huat Kueh looks so delicious. Do you have a recipe for Huat Kueh (without yam or sweet potato)?


Geraldine said...

Hi! Just bumped into your blog. Found it interesting and have pass it on to a friend as well who has asked me for Huat kueh recipe.
Wondering whether you or others linked to your blog has ever done Buffalo Wings successfully.
Care to share the recipe.

Anonymous said...

aunt Yochana,
I am new to your blog as well as baking. i tried your butter cake and it turned out to be the best butter cake that i have baked ever since i started baked. my husband agreed with me too. i enjoyed your blog and have since learnt many new techniques in baking. thanks so much and looking forward to trying more of your recipes.


yochana said...

Hi SP,

I'm glad you like the butter cake. Keep baking and have fun.


newchef said...

Hi hi

Can you please tell me if cake improver is the same as bread improver?
I saw some recipes of yours that used double action baking powder? where do I buy them?
Btw I am a Singaporean.

Thanks for sharing you are cool!

yochana said...

Hi new chef,

Cake Improver?? I only have bread improver.

For double action baking powder, buy from Sun Lik. It's CRESCENT BRAND.