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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Durian Tiramisu

Sponge Fingers:

4 eggs - separated
100 gm. castor sugar - divided into 2 parts
100 gm. plain flour

icing sugar for dusting

Method for sponge fingers:

(1) Whip egg yolks with half of the sugar until thick.
(2) In another mixing bowl, whisk egg white with the remaining sugar into a stiff meringue. Fold flour into the egg yolks.
(3) Pipe out the sponge fingers onto trays and dust with icing sugar.
(4) Bake at 190C for about 10 mins.

Chocolate sponge:

4 eggs
250 gm. Chocolate optima sponge mix
1 tsp. ovalette
70 ml. water
70 ml. cornoil

Method for chocolate sponge:

(1) Beat all the above ingredients together until thick except cornoil.
(2) Fold in cornoil and pour into a 9" sq. tray.
(3) Bake at 180C for about 40 mins or till cooked.

Durian Mousse:

250 gm. mascarpone cheese
500 gm. Durian Puree (warm up over stove)
300 gm. Non-dairy Whip cream
4 sheets of gelatine (soak in icy cold water for 5 mins.)


(1) Cook durian puree over stove until warm.
(2) Double boil the gelatine and pour into durian puree. Leave to cool.
(3) Mix mascarpone cheese with the durian puree and fold in the whipped cream.

Chocolate topping:

80 gm. fresh cream
80 gm. chopped chocolate

Method of assembling:

(1) Lay sponge fingers at the side of a 9" square cake ring.
(2) Place a layer of chocolate sponge cake at the base. For better flavour, brush with some chocolate liquer and water mixture (optional).
(3) Pour 1/3 of durian mousse on top of sponge cake.
(4) Lay a layer of sponge finger on top and then pour another 1/3 of durian mousse on top and then lay another layer of sponge fingers.
(5) Pour all the balance durian mousse on top and put into the fridge to chill till set.
(6) Pour chocolate topping on top and let it set in the fridge.
(7) Serve chilled.


Adeline said...

Must try. Very good tiramisu, full flavour of durian and it is very easy to make. Thanks auntie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana,

Btw, what do u mean by double boil? What is the equipment needed and how to do it?


yochana said...

Hi Rachel,

Double boil means e.g. put your gelatine powder mixed with water into a mixing bowl. Then you take a pot to boil some water and then you put your bowl of gelatine mixture into the water while the water is simmering, just to dissolve the gelatine till it turns transparent.


Cherann said...

Hi, this recipe looks very interesting. Might want to do it sometime but I must ask you how you got it out of the cake tin. Did you use a tin with a removable bottom?

yochana said...

Hi Cherann,

I used a square cake ring. You can use any cake ring or springform tin of your choice...meaning either square or round.


Cherann said...

Hi & thanks for yr reply. I didn't think of the cake ring.... hv a round one but not square.

Chris said...

Hi Aunty,
Just happen to chance upon your blog, and I must say its really an eye opener. With so much beautiful pictures and recipes to share. I just love to read your blog. Just wonder what is the weight(gm) of 4 leaves of gelatine?Would like to try it one day.Cheers!

yochana said...

Hi Chris,

4 sheets will be about 12 gm. in weight.


Hillary said...

Hi, I want to make this cake for my brother this Thursday if you don't mind me using your recipe :-)But i have a question, what is corn oil - the same as vegetable oil? Can i use corn syrup instead? Thanks in advance!

yochana said...

Hi Hillary,

corn oil is a kind of cooking oil.e.g. Mazola corn oil. It can be found in all supermarkets. You can also use vegetable oil.


Hillary said...

Hi Yo again:-)
I still have a question... what is Ovalette and Emulco??? I see those a lot in your recipes. Sry if my question is a bit silly but I'm from Vietnam not Singapore. That's why I have never heard of those things before.
Thanks again!

yochana said...

Hi Hillary,

Ovalette is a cake stabilizer and emulco is a term used for paste like chocolate paste or strawberry paste.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty,

How much gelatin powder should I use to substitute with 4 sheets of gelatin?



yochana said...

Hi Ling,

Use between 12 to 15 gm. of gelatine powder. It all depends on how watery your durian is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

Like to ask you if the whipped cream need to be whipped before folding into the cream cheese mixture? And another question is what is heavy cream? Is it the same as thickened cream from NTUC?If not, then where can I buy it?

Thank you.

yochana said...

Hi anonymous.

Heavy cream - President or Elle Vire. Go to Jasons , you can get heavy cream.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty Yochana

Can you please spend sometime to explain what are the following, and if anyone of these can be used to subsitute.

1) Fresh cream
2) Double cream
3) Heavy cream

Thank you

yochana said...

Dear Fansi,

There are 2 types of fresh cream - Non-Dairy and Dairy (contains 35% fat but this is more delicious then Non-Dairy, normally used for cheesecake). Non-Dairy is used for decorating cake.

Heavy cream is almost the same as Dairy Cream.

Double cream - this cream needs to add in fresh milk or any liquid to whisk till thick. "Rich" whipping cream has Double Cream.


Carrie said...

Hi aunty yochana!

For the sponge fingers, it states that I've to whisk the egg whites and the remaining sugar, Then fold flour into the egg yolks.

Then for the egg white mixture, what do i do with it? fold into the yolk mixture too?


yochana said...

Oh Carrie,

Fold the egg white into the egg yolk + flour mixture.

sorry ...left out


Carrie said...

Hi Aunty yochana,

Much appreciated for the quick reply. Heheh

Anonymous said...

hi aunty,
On top you said you used Durian Puree and i've seen that you've used a lot of Fruit Puree in other recipes. May i know where to get them? Does Sun Lik sell them? Pls give me a reply soon as i want to try out these cakes. Thanks! :)

Veronica said...


I'm using gelatine powder, so how much water do i need to put into the mixing bowl?

Thank You!