Sunday, July 30, 2006

Marble Dot Roll


4 eggs
250 gm. optima flour
60 ml. water
1 tsp. ovalette
1 tsp. vanilla essence
60 ml. cornoil
1 - 2 tsp. chocolate emulco / paste
Some Orange jam


(1) Beat all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl except cornoil till fluffy.
(2) Fold in corn oil and mix thoroughly.
(3) Scoop out about 100 gm. of batter and mix with chocolate emulco.
Put chocolate batter into a piping bag.
(4) Pour the white batter into a rectangular tray - 10" x 14" and level it.
(5) Pipe the chocolate batter onto the white batter and bake at 200C for about 12 mins.
(6) Leave it to cool, spread orange jam on swiss roll and roll up.
(7) Chill in the fridge before slicing.


myCoffee said...

Cute cake! Would love to give this a try. Like your blog and your many, many wonderful pics on KC. You are such a fantastic and talented baker!


yochana said...

Hi mycoffee,

Thanks for your compliments.

Happy trying!!

diddy said...

yochana, you never seize to amaze me with your talent and creativeness! Ever since you started blogging, I've been thinking, "okay, I definately have to try today's recipe from yochana" and I procrastinate. So here I am, with about a million different ideas from you! thanks for your inspirations! One of these days I'll stop drooling and start baking your recipes!

Little Corner of Mine said...

This looks like an easy recipe to try for me. Yeah, love this roll, so very cute!

karlsfoodie said...

thanx for this recipe.. really soft n nice to eat =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana

I am a novice in baking and love to try your marble dot roll. When you pipe out the choc batter, will it be as round as yours? do you remove the skin of the cake before you roll? Thanks

Puspha said...

Oh my gosh!!!! This is incredible.

yochana said...


seems that you have some experience in making swiss roll. For optima sponge mix, normally it's better to take off the skin before rolling to prevent the swiss roll from splitting open after some time. If you pipe your chocolate batter properly, you should be able to make round dots like mine. You can use a round nozzle to help you in this case but I didn't, I just cut the piping bag. Too lazy to wash the nozzle. LOL...

delia said...

Very beautiful cake! is there any substitute for optima flour? i would love to try this recipe

yochana said...


You can substitute with plain flour and sugar but it's a different recipe. Optima flour is acutally, flour, sugar and some baking agents and I don't know their proportion. You can use any swiss roll recipe but use the concept of the piping bag to pipe the dots. It will still look good.

LittleNoodle said...

Your pics always make me drool...can i ask you what ovalette is and is it vital for making swiss roll???

can i substitute it with something else if i cannot find this?

yochana said...

Hi LittleNoodle,

Ocalette is a cake stabilizer and it's optional. No need to substitute with anything. Without ovalette the sponge will still rise becausen optima flour has got rising agent inside.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
How do u get the swissroll in ur pic to be without skin? Did u :
1) remove the swissroll immediately once its bake onto a greaseproof paper dredged with caster sugar ( ie skin side down )..then
2) turn this swissroll over to another grease proof paper (ie skin side up ),.... then
3) only roll up??
Ive tried to do this but not surprisingly, my swissroll always crack!


yochana said...

Hi Becky,

After baking, I just remove the cake from the pan onto a wire rack. When it's cooled, I rub the skin off with my palms, spread butter cream and roll up. No caster sugar....


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,

I did the Marble Dot Roll today. taste nice and not really sweet. I have follow your instruction to pipe the chocolate batter and i got the round dots. After i roll it i cant see the chocolate dot is all inside, should i skin side down and roll it. For your advice pls.


yochana said...

Hi Lovewhisper,

yes the skin should be inside but you can remove the skin by rubbing it off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty

Sorry to bother you again. I have couple of Q actually.I bought this soft shortening from Phoon Huat it was recommended by the sales person there. Normally i used crisco to do my buttercream frosting but they say soft shortening is better. I am looking for hi-ratio shortening but i dunno where can i find it this soft shortening is made from palm vegetable oil,antioxidant.Aunty do u have any idea about this??

What is the difference between heavy cream and Fresh cream?

For sour cream can i substitute with other things. And where can i get sour cream?

Thanks again Aunty


yochana said...

Hi Loveswhisper,

I use Crisco shortening and no others. Try going to Jasons or Carrefour. they have a few types of shortening.

Heavy cream is more or less like the 35% fat whipping cream.

Sour cream can be found in most supermarkets and cold storage. NTUC sells sour cream. You can use yoghurt instead of sour cream but then again, it all depends on what you are making.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty,

Thanx for your clear explanation. Today i went to cold storage i bought few items buttermilk, thicken cream and sour cream...yipes!!!

I'm so happy to have all this supplies at home i will try more recipe from your blog. I really love and enjoy looking at those yummy recipe..U are great and very talented!

Thanx again Aunty for your generousity GOD BLESS YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hi aunty,

can I subsitute cake flour with optima flour as I can't find it in NZ.


yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

no you cannot substitute with cake flour. Optima flour is a special sponge mix with sugar and baking agent added.


DeL said...

cute cake...can i link ur blog to mine?


DeL said...

hi yochana...

great n cute cake. i love it..can i link ur blog to mine?


MsCake said...

hi aunty lucy

What you mean by 'optimal flour' ? Can I use s-raising flour or any other flour for this cake ?


yochana said...

Hi mscake,

optima flour is a premix flour for making sponge cake. Also known as sponge cake mix.


MsCake said...

Thanks aunty lucy.

Sally said...

Hi Aunt Yo,
I have just made this Marble Dot Roll. Managed to get the Marble Dot design, n the taste is excellent. So soft the texture. But I cant roll. It breaks apart when I roll. So sad. Any techniques to roll? Thanks.

yochana said...

HI Sally,

Did you put a piece of greaseproof paper at the bottom to help you in rolling? You can read all the swiss roll comments and I have mentioned a couple of times how to roll a swiss roll.


Anonymous said...

hi Aunty,
can i change the chocolate emulco/paste to coco powder?


Aunty Yochana said...

Hi elaine

Yes you can.


chan said...

Hi Aunty Yochana, I using your recipe but why the sponge cake I baked more in yellow color surch as butter cake but yours is in milk color?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

Im such a fan of you,being browsing a lot in your lovely blog,thank you so much for sharing ...
May i know about approximately how many grams is 4 eggs in this recipes?i always have this problem while trying out...eggs are differ in sizes from A and etc rite...can you help me with this?
thank you.

Aunty Yochana said...

Hi anonymous

1 egg = 60 to 60 gm. without the shell


Aunty Yochana said...

Oops...I mean 60 to 65 gm.

Anonymous said...

Ah...60-65gm per egg...thank you so much aunty..cant wait to trying it out during this few days...havent get my swiss roll pan yet...hehe...thanks again aunty...regards,Syl

Anonymous said...


Is there any recipe you would recommend for using Optima flour? I was thinking of muffins..


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