Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Raspberry Konnyaku Jelly


15 gm. Konnyaku jelly powder
80 gm. fine sugar
170 ml. concentrated fruit syrup
730 ml. water


(1) Mix konnyaku powder with sugar and stir well.
(2) Boil water with fruit syrup till it boils.
(3) Pour in konnyaku powder and sugar mixture and stir till dissolves.
(4) Pour into min jelly moulds and leave to set.
(5) Chill before serving. Enjoy....

**You can buy the konnyaku jelly powder and fruit syrup from Anna Phua.


Tan said...

hi aunty
This raspeberry konnyaku jelly is my first time see it. Is it u buy the flavour of raspberry. Or u take the raspberry fruit to blend it and cook. Must be sour right. Would u put the recipes, and share .


pinky70 said...

Hi aunty yochana,thanks for the eyelicious photo. can share the recipe? Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty

The Jelly looks so delicious.

Do you mind to share the recipe?

Thank you

mj said...

Good afternoon aunty!

Just wanted to tell u that I made these a few days ago for my boy's b'day party. Everyone (including the adults) loves it! I'll be making more of these soon cos my kids couldn't get enough of them!

Aunty Yochana said...

hi mj,

I know I's very addictive..


mj said...

Hi aunty,

Luckily this is quite healthy, so I don't mind them eating more of it :D

Aunty Yochana said...

hi mj,

yes, konnyaku is good for goiter if i'm not mistaken.