Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steamed Red Sugar Malay Cake


m1rr0r said...

hey, may i have the recipe?
i don't have oven, so trying to find steamed/no-bake recipes :)


Joanna said...

Dear Aunty Yochana, please share this recipe with us ... as steaming is way easier than baking ... thanks much.

Delphine said...

Very nice steamed cake, please share the recipe.

seraiwangi said...

Hi Aunty,

I always love your blog.. fabulous cakes, cookies, cupcakes and many more..

Would you share this recipe with me..

my email : seraiwangi68@gmail.com

Stephanie said...


My mother saw this recipe as I was scrolling down your page, and she also requested it for her birthday as well. Hehe could you please email this recipe too? Thank you very much! :D


sunsweet said...

can I request for the recipe this yummy steam cake?

my e-mail is elszie@gmail.com