Monday, July 28, 2008

Lapis Dealova


joyce said...

hello aunty

you are such an excellent baker! all your bakes looks so nice and delicious!

btw, do you conduct baking classes?

really enjoy reading your blog...=)

Anonymous said...

Wow Aunty,this is so beautiful.Such vibrancy of colours and design.You are really a fabulous and talented baker.

KC,if you are reading this,

Keep up the good work Aunty.We are behind you all the way.

NaDe said...

hi aunty.
OMG,the cake is so nice!! so well done.
may i know how long does it take to make this "Lapis Dealova"? (preparation & baking time)


yochana said...

Hi NaDe

I took about 3 to 3 1/2 hrs.


Rei said...

Hi Aunty, That's awful lot of work! Admire your skills and patience.

Snooky doodle said...

wow this looks great. Its a work of art :-) i really like your blog i tried a few recipes and al came put great. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,

Where do u get this name..Dealova is a very beautiful song by Indonesian group band Dewa 19.

Your Lapis Dealova is so attractive and i guess it must be delish!


yochana said...

Hi CC,

I didn't know that Dealova is a beautiful song. fits the lapis though. I got the name from one of the lapis book.


yochana said...

Thanks Rei....a lot of work but fun and especially when the finished cake looked so beautiful.


Dawn said...

Hello Aunty,
I recently stumbled upon your blog. I'm so impressed by your baking skills! Thank you for sharing this with us.

You inspire me to bake.

May I know who the lucky persons are to devour your delights. :)

Keep up the good work!


yochana said...

Hi Dawn,

Whoever happened to be in my hse will get to take this...

hahaha...btw...I gave it away to one of our blog fans.


Zurynee said...

I really admire your patience esp when doing lapis sarawak :-) I bet it's delicious ;-)

ML said...

Hi Aunty,

My question is unrelated to this recipe.

Amy Beh's huat kuih recipe calls for the use of "toddy". What is toddy? Where can I buy it?

Agnes Chang's recipe book shows the making of rice huat kuih using the rice and chinese yeast fermentation method. Do you have any idea how the fermented rice will look like? Will it have some cottony "mould" on the rice?

Sorry to bother you with this question. I'm trying to make some huat kuihs and have these doubts.

For bread, if recipe calls for 10g instant yeast, is it 2 tsp?

Pls help advise if you can, Aunty. Thanks so much.

Mui Mui

Amy said...

This is too pretty to be eaten. :>

yochana said...

Hi Mui Mui,

Toddy is a kind of fermented wine usually drank by Indians. Yes you can also use toddy to make rice huat kueh.

Using chiew piah or wine yeast biscuit is the correct one for making rice huat kueh. After 2 days, it becomes soft and wet with some liquid in it. It should taste sweet and you can even use it to cook with your meat. Souldn't be mouldy though.

Yes 10 gm. instant yeast is about 2 tsp.


yochana said...

Ah Zu,

I bet you'll be good in it too.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aunty Yochana

There is only one phrase that is deemed fit for this beautiful cake & it is "ABSOLUTELY AWESOME"


Mal said...

Hi aunty,

Amazing and awesome work


ML said...

Hi Aunty,

I've made the Huat Kuihs successfully. The fermented rice are good! Thanks for your kind advice. :)

Mui Mui

** My blog:

yochana said...

Hi mui mui,

wow..your huat kueh is really pretty.


ML said...

Thanks Aunty for yr compliments. I hv much more to learn from you. :) Btw, Mei is my younger sis who had bought from you the macaroons. Ring a bell? I chanced upon yr blog last year and recommend it to my sisters. Now, we all loved yr blog, and try to visit it everyday.

Mui Mui

yochana said...

Hi Mui Mui,

Oh yes, I remembered Mei, the sweet slim young lady.

O.K. Thumbs up and continue your passion. I really do love your Wa Kok Kway. Not everybody succeed in doing it. Thumbs Up!!!


Anonymous said...

hee... glad u still remember me lucy.. ; )

Yes indeed we are all very "addicted" to your blog.

As for the rice cake yes its indeed tasty.. reminds me of childhood days...

Btw, I managed to get some cashew polvoron from manila after being tempted by those u made. Its real tasty jus dat a little bit sweet.My filipino colleague told me there is this Pinipig polvoron dat is even more tasty. Wonder what is Pinipig. Any idea lucy??


yochana said...

Hi Mei,

If I'm not not mistaken, Pinipig means nuts.


nadiana_ally said...

Hello Aunty,

Oh my gosh i am so impress with your creativity and well baking skills, i love baking and i wish to learn more. Do you conduct classes by any chance? Would love to learn from you.

Thanks alot, hope to hear from you soon

yochana said...

Hi nadiana_ally

give me your email address and if I have a class, I will email u.


nadiana_ally said...

Sure, its

I would love especially to learn on this particular lapis dealova, did i mention how beautiful and yummy it looks?

Thanks, looking forward to learn from the pro.

ankrish said...

wow just gave my tummy a treat

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a job well done! The Lapis cake is simply good to eat. Would be grateful if you share the recipe. I tried looking it up in your cake file but it not available. Thank you.