Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Green Tea Tiramisu


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana

This is a great variation of the tiramisu. Would u mind posting the recipe please?

Anuja said...

Hello aunty,

It's been long since I left a comment on your blog ( I have run out of adjectives to praise your bakes!!), though I am a regular visitor.
I have a question on your choc almond cake (april 27, 2008). For the ganache, do we have to beat the chocolate and cream till it thickens, or will just mixing the two together be okay?

Many thanks and regards,

Snooky doodle said...

wow this is a great taste. It looks really nice too.

mangoshin said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

I really admire your dedication to baking!
I am a full time working mom with 2 kids and I really struggle to free up time to bake. Usually only manage to bake during the weekend afternoons when the kids are sleeping.
I look to yout website for inpiration and recipes to try out.

Would you mind sharing your recipe for the Green Tea Tiramisu and Sweet Potato Bun pls?

Keep Baking!

Peng said...

Aunt Yo...plse plse share the recipe!!

yochana said...

Hi AQnuja,

No need to beat the chocolate and cream. Just mix them together will do.


Anonymous said...

this is so nice and a lovely variation to Tiramusu. Could you share the recipe?


olivia said...

Hi Aunty Yochana

My colleagues used to have a liking to impress one of my handsome Japanese colleagues with different types of Japanese desserts. I am sure if he has not gone home, these colleagues of mine would be writing to you pestering for this wonderful dessert....hee hee hee


yochana said...

Hi Oilvia,

Really ar??? What a shame...he missed this!!! hahaha...


Wati's Kitchen said...

hi yochana,
WOW!! i really admire your skills...i run out of adj to praise your bakes too...:)


Anonymous said...

Hmm...maybe its just coincidence, but the mango cake(from a recent previous post) and the banana walnut chiffon cake seems like the ones from Easy Stir n' Bake recipe book.

Just saying though...

By the way, ur bakes are just salivating me everytime! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Yochana,
Ohh..this looks yummy.. the green tea powder on top - will it taste bitterish?? I'm sure the sweet red bean filling will make up for any bitter taste, right? did you use whipped cream or mousse? and what's that on the sides of the cake? thanks & regards - Anita

yochana said...

Hi Anita,

I used whipped cream and mascarpone cheese as filling. Green tea sponge cake. It won't be very bitter as it's just a light drizzle on top.


yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

yes you are right...it's from the book "Easy Stir"....