Sunday, June 29, 2008

Siew Mai Mee Suah Kueh


100 gm. Mee Suah - wash and cut into pieces
Some chopped Spring Onions - about 2 Tbsp.
50 gm. chopped prawns
50 gm. minced meat (pork or chicken)
1 red chillie - chopped
1 egg
50 gm. carrot - shredded
3 garlic - chopped
1/2 Big onion - diced
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1/2 tsp. chicken stock granules
1/4 tsp. Msg (optional)
1 tsp. sugar
50 ml. water


(1) Mix all the ingredients together and then pour into small moulds and steam for about 25 mins or till cooked.
(2) Serve Siew mai with chillie sauce


MyHomeKitchen said...

Hi, Aunty!

Could you share the recipe pls? Your siew mai look very cute & delicious! Didn't know mee suah can be the fillings!


Anonymous said...


I am a new crazy surfer at ur blog cos everything is too delicious, fascinating, interesting, learnable n of cos ur willingness to share wif others.

U r d best & hope 2 have tis recipe soon cos it been my favortie since I was 7 yo.


Anonymous said...

this looks fantastic...i'm SO glad that you posted the recipe...will definitely try it out. i'm a BIG mee suah fan! thanks aunty! - tania

Anonymous said...

hi Aunty Yochana,

Thanks for sharing the recipe!! :)
I have been drooling when I look at the photos!


backyana said...

Hi aunty yochana;

looks delicious again! But please tell me, what is "mee suah"?


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty, thanks for the recipe-can i find out how many muffin size siew mai can i make with this recipe?

yochana said...

Hi anonymous

I didn't use muffin cups. I used the small Kueh Lompang mould (the plastic red type) to make this. I didn't count ...not much tho.

You can use small metal moulds to steam also.


yochana said...

Hi backyana,

Mee suah is a kind of noodles. You can get it from any supermarket like NTUC.


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty,
the mee suah must soak until soft first before adding to the other ingredient?


yochana said...


Don't soak mee will become a lump and become very starchy. Just wash under the tap just before using and lightly crunch it.


MyHomeKitchen said...

Thanks for posting the recipe! :)

Unbeautiful said...

Hi aunty.. whr do you buy the kuih lompang moulds?? I have been searching for it but cant seem to find it... :(