Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Guilt Free Yogurt Cake


200 gm. Plain Yogurt
250 gm. Butter
1 Tbsp. Grated Orange Rind
200 gm. sugar
3 eggs
45 gm. desiccated coconut
35 gm. ground almonds
2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed orange juice
370 gm. Self-Raising Flour


(1) Beat butter, orange rind and sugar until light and creamy. Add eggs , one at a time , beting well after each addition, until just combined.
(2) Stir in desiccated coconut, ground almonds and 2 Tablespoon orang juice. Stir in flour and yogurt alternately till combined.
(3) Spoon into a any pan or your choice and bake at 175C for about 50 - 60 mins. or till cooked. Set aside for 5 mins. to cool slightly before turning onto a wire rack to cool completely.
(4) Slice, serve and ENJOY!!


Yaha said...

wow, "guilt free" meaning can eat alot right ? hahaha

very nice cake :)

yochana said...

yes Yaha,

somemore got yogurt - good for digestion.


Bella cook said...

hi aunty,
how many eggs did u use for this cake??
my cakes don't rise so much like urs...


yochana said...

Hi Nina,

I got this recipe from "Food Ideas". This month's issue. Did you use that recipe? I think it's 6 eggs.


Anonymous said...

hi aunty yochana,

do you mind posting up the recipe for guilt free yogurt cake? thanks!


Anonymous said...

hello aunty yochana,

do you mind emailing the guilt free yoghurt cake recipe to me?

my email address is


best regards,
christine :)

Anonymous said...

thanks aunty! :)

christine ^^

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty Yochana

Thanks for posting this recipe. I tried to look for dulce de leche to bake the Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake but couldnt find it anywhere. Could you advise what substitute can I use for dulce de leche?
Thanks and regards

yochana said...

HI Christine,

I got the dulce de leche from Cold Storage at Takashimaya.


Anonymous said...

Good morning aunty. Your yogurt cake looked so yummy and evenly baked. May I use an 8-inch cake tin to bake it? Thanks for posting the recipe. / Jenny

Anonymous said...


Instead of dessicated coconuts, can I use fresh grated coconuts instead?


yochana said...

Hi May,

No don't use fresh grated coconut. They are too heavy. You can use bread crumbs or just totally omit it.


yochana said...

Hi jenny,

use a 9" round tray. Glad you enjoy browing here.


xan said...

Hi Lucy
do u think i can replace the butter with corn oil & prob beat the eggs a little bit till fluffy? and follow the rest of the recipe. think can work? trying to make it healthier without the butter :)

yochana said...

Hi Xan,

You probably can try using cornoil. I've not tried before but I think it may work.