Friday, August 31, 2007

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Orange Chocolate Walnut Snow Skin Mooncake

Custard Shanghai Mooncake

Crispy Sunflower Seeds Biscotti

Milk Chinchow Jelly Mooncake

Chinchow egg yolk filling:

250 ml. water
90 gm. sugar
10 gm. agar-agar powder
250 gm. chinchow - blended


100 gm. water
200 gm. fresh milk
65 gm. sugar
8 gm. agar agar powder
1/8 tsp. salt

Pastry skin:

4 tsp. agar agar powder
1 tsp. lavender leaves
2 tsp. Instant Jelly
300 ml. water
140 gm. sugar
300 ml. fresh milk
50 gm. whip cream
some purple colouring


(1) Boil all the egg yolk ingredients together except the chinchow. When mixture is boiling, pour in the blended chinchow and switch off the heat. Pour mixture into round ice-cubes and let it set.
(2) For filling: Boil all the ingredients together except milk to boil then pour in milk last. Pour mixture into small round moulds and put in the chinchow egg yolk in the center. Let it set and then unmould it.
(3) For the skin, boil all the ingredients together except for milk and whip cream. When mixture boils, pour in milk and whip cream. Add in colouring.
(4) Pour some mixture into mooncake mould and let it set to semi-set stage. Place the filling in the center then pour the balance pastry skin mixture into the mould till it reaches the rim.
(5) Chill in the fridge till set.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chocolate Ping Pi Mooncake

Ingredients for skin:

200 gm. koh fun (commercial fried glutinous rice flour)
230 gm. sifted icing sugar
75 gm. shortening
260 gm. cold water

For filling:

450 gm. Lotus Paste
80 gm. roasted almond nibs
150 gm. bittersweet cooking chocolate (melted)
100 gm. whipping cream
550 gm. sponge cake (blend , chilled and cut into pieces)


(1) Mix all the ingredients for skin together. Do not knead too long. Weigh and scale to 65 gm. portion depending on the size of your mooncake mould.
(2) Mix lotus paste with almond nibs and scale into rounds balls of 40 gm. each.
(3) Mix melted chocolate and whipping cream with sponge cake and weigh into 60 gm. portion.
(4) Wrap the 40 gm. lotus paste with the chocolate portion and roll into a round ball.
(5) Take one portion of snow skin and wrap with filling. Press into moon cake mould and dislodge it.
(6) Chill mooncakes before serving.

Recipe adapted from the book by Y3K - Mooncakes (Alan Ooi).