Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sesame and Walnuts Cupcakes


250 gm. butter
150 gm. fine sugar
4 eggs
250 gm. self-raising flour, shifted with:
10 gm. baking powder
120 gm. UHT milk

25 gm. white sesame seeds - toasted
25 gm. black sesame seeds - toasted
50 gm. chopped walnuts
20 gm. sesame oil (optional)

Some walnuts for decorations


(1) Cream butter and sugar till creamy.
(2) Add in eggs one at a time and mix well after each addition. Use medium speed.
(3) Add in milk and flour alternately till well combined.
(4) Add in black and white sesame seeds and then pour in the sesame oil. Mix well.
(5) Spoon batter into prepared paper cups. Place a piece of walnut on top of the batter and bake at 180C for about 20 to 25 mins. or till cake is cooked.
(6) Remove and cool on cooling rack.


ML said...


Did you try this receipe from Kevin Chai's latest book on cupcakes & muffins? I was hestitating whether to invest in it as I wasn't sure of the accuracy of the recipes.

Mui Mui

yochana said...

Hi Mui Mui,

This isn't from kevin Chai's cupcake books. This is from Yum Yum magazine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,
This looks yummy!
Can I have the recipe please? :D


Home Baker said...

Hi Aunty,
How do you bake your cupcake? In the muffin tray or muffin cup (those rubber-type material come in individual cup). Reason am asking is my cupcake always end up wide on the top and the paper cup liner usually will open up instead of nice tall "slimmer" cupcake.

Hope you can solve my mystery...


yochana said...

Hi cyndi,

I used a muffin tray to bake my cupcakes. Maybe your muffin recipe has too much oil.


reenna said...

Hi Aunty Lucy, can you pls share this recipe too? I love black sesames and walnuts! TIA

Aimei said...

Hi Aunty,

Can I have the recipe if you don't mind. My email is Or maybe you can tell me where you got your recipe from. Thanks.

Hope you can conduct lessons and I will be sure to attend. :)



yoolee said...

aunty, how can we know that you;ve already post your new recipe? can you suggest me a quick way to access the newest recipe? It seems impossible to remember which one is new or not..
And those new bake of yours...that makes me so HungRy!

yoolee said...

aunty, how can we know that you;ve already post your new recipe? can you suggest me a quick way to access the newest recipe? It seems impossible to remember which one is new or not..
And those new bake of yours...that makes me so HungRy!

yochana said...

Hi Youlee,

go to my Home page and click onto "recipes by category" and you'll be able to see all the recipes that I've posted.

Have fun baking.


backyana said...

Hi aunty yochana,
what is UHT milk????Can I substitute with normal milk or evaporated milk??


reena said...

Hi Aunty Lucy,
Thanks for sharing the recipe, hope to bake them soon.

Sanrio3138 said...

*Drooling* looked soooooo yummy *o*

yochana said...

Hi backyana,

UHT milk is the normal packet fresh milk.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty,

All your cakes and goodies are really incredible. You are very talented. I tried some of your recipe like marble dot roll, chocolate marble mint with fudge and mocha marble cheesecake they turn out to be nice and Yummy. First time i did it turns out well.I got inspired in baking after i found your website. This is a hobby with and it can be get costly but there isnt any reasoning when it comes to passion. I wish i could show u the cakes that i bake from your recipe and would like you to give me a constructive comments on those cakes i bake. I would like to thank you for all the recipe u have posted here. U are really "GREAT, TALENTED n EXPERIENCED BAKER" THUMBS UP!!oya, i posted ur blog to a message board and everyone likes it Aunty i hope u dun mind i share ur blog to that message board everyone loves it and they gave compliment to you. It is an overseas message board.


yochana said...

Hi Loveswhisper,

Thank you so much for all those kind words. I'm so honoured that you posted into another blog and they love it. That's just what we are here to do....share our passion and you'll be blessed.

Have fun baking

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Aunty :-)


Yan's Delites said...

i happen to have some black & white sesame seeds. if i were to place it in the oven to roast it, or should i fry it briefly in pan?
and for how long would you say is considered roasted condition?


yochana said...

Hi Yan,

Tips for frying black sesame seeds:

Throw some white sessame to fry them and when it turns golden brown, then it's ready. It's the same if you roast it in the oven.
Both methods can be used.


Yan's Delites said...

Roger that ...
Thanks Yochana !!!!

Yan's Delites said...

Aunty Yochana,
my baked cupcakes were not pretty, however it tasted great! thanks for the receipe!
loved the aura of the baked black & white sesame seeds with the walnuts crunch. yums!

JeNn-kun said...

Hey, just baked these little treats today. They were surprisingly good!! i felt really healthy after eating them. lol. my mom loves them :)
cant' wait to try the yam chiffon cake XD