Saturday, July 21, 2007

Roti Kaya


sue said...

hi aunty , the kaya u made looks very thick....this is the texture me and my family espeacially my mom likes them lot.

She used to tell me the best kaya was when she had them when she was growing up but now its so difficult to get thick kaya since most of the older sifu retired .

The kaya in Kl now is so comercial and they taste very watery, over sweet and not so nice.

I would like to learn to make kaya for my family, can u share the recipe.


yochana said...


normally my kaya is agak agak...but yesterday I was teaching my maid how to make kaya and here is what she recorded.

6 eggs - large eggs (about 1 1/2 cup)
2 cups of sugar
1 1/2 cup coconut milk
4 pandan leaves

For method, look into my blog for Kaya. It's the same method.

sue said...

uothanks aunty lucy, will go to pasar tomorrow and buy me some santan...i'm so excited and scared at the same time , afraid the kaya will curdle.

Can i use the chinese ceramics with cover which the chinese always use to "tan Kai"(chicken)and "tan birdnest" Hope u understand which pot i'm refering to. Which inner pot do u usually use for cooking the kaya..issit stainless steel one? Which one would u recommed for better result.

Aunty lucy in the method after 5 min open and stir long do i need to stir..issit for a short time only.

Did u used the fresh santan instead of the packet ones?

Aunty, what is the different this recipe and the recipe for yr daughter example texture and taste wise.
P/s : yr daughter so lucky to hv a beautiful and talented baker as such as yrself

yochana said...

Hi sue,

I used double boiler to make my kaya. No special steamer...just put the kaya into a pot (I used my amc pot) and into the steamer. Keep stirring every now and then but at times you can let it steam for about 15 mins. then stir it.