Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dark Cherry Chiffon Cake


Trif said...

Very pretty chiffon Auntie Lucy! I'm always very happy when I see pics of your chiffon. :) Makes me hungry... I'm still trying the chiffon recipes you've posted, only successful with the orange chiffon one. But i can't get the brownish sides like yours. I think it's bcos I didn't bake them long enough..

bluecrystal said...

I only have one word to describe what I see here: breathtaking.

I swoon at the sight of this beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty YO
The chiffon cake i make was like yours - sink in the middle (around the tube). Do you know what is the cause of it? I just cant find the problem.. :(
Rgds Irene

yochana said...

Oh my god, bluecrystal, hope you are O.K. hahaha...thanks for drooling.


Anonymous said...

hi Aunty,

finally i hv bought the book by kelvin chai's chiffon cake recipe book..

hope i can get the same result as you..


yochana said...

Hi Irene,

Mine didn't sink actually. I should have snapped a photo before icing. It sank because the fresh cherries I laid on was too heavy causing it to sink. The chiffon cake is too soft and fluffy.


cui said...

Hello aunty! How are u getting on? How's popo? I'm so gonna try ur tea cake. Looks yummilicious! And all the bakes too! YUM! =)

MamaFaMi said...

Don't tell me you bake EVERY SINGLE DAY aunty? If so, I don't think it's wise for me to be your neighbour because I will definately put on MORE WEIGHT caused by the aroma that travels from your kitchen into my house! Hahaha!

marissa said...

hi there aunty, do you normally cook for your family or do you just bake? because i think it would be nice if you share with us what you have for lunch or dinner. i always run out of ideas about what to cook for my two kids and hubby!

anyway i think you spend your afternoons baking, it's tiring to continue with cooking dinner isn't it? :-)

Jenny said...

So yummy looking. You are the best Aunty.

yochana said...

Hi marissa,

I'm like you too...always running out of ideas of what to cook for lunch and dinner. I do cook everyday. I will try to snap photos when I I cook laksa but never snap photos. For dinner, tonight going out for dinner cos I'm bringing my mum for a nice dinner since she been deprived of a good dinner eversince she was down with her illness.


yummybakes said...

Dear Aunty,

Dont' worry, I would pray your mum to recover soon :)

You have a gd heart hence gd things wld happen to you.


yochana said...

Hi mamafami,

You wrong....hahaha...the aroma will make you full so you will lose weight just by smelling and not eating.


yochana said...

Hi cui,

Popo is ok now....thanks for your concern.


yochana said...

Thanks Maha for your well wishes.