Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Talam Cendol

Bottom Layer:

140 gm. Rice flour
60 gm. Hoon Kwee Flour (Green pea flour)
170 gm. brown sugar or gula melaka
160 gm. sugar
1100 ml. water
1/2 tsp. alkaline water or kapur water

Top Layer:

1000 ml. Santan - coconut milk (2 coconuts plus water)
1 1/2 tsp. salt
70 gm. Rice flour
50 gm. Hoon kwee flour
120 gm. Cendol


(1) For bottom layer: Mix all the ingredients together and sieve it. Cook over low heat till thicken. Pour mixture into a 10" square greased tin and steam for 15 mins.
(2) For top layer, mix all the ingredients together and cook over low heat till thicken but not too thick. Off flame, add in cendol and stir till well mixed. Pour onto the brown layer and steam for 30 mins.
(3) Cool completely before slicing.


bianbian said...

Hi Yochana,
wow, Talam Cendol looks great and perfect for the Nonya folks. :)
drooling now .....

shirley said...

Hi aunty yochana

Can you very kindly share this recipe for talam cendol. It looks wonderful.

Many thanks.

bianbian said...

Hi Yochana,
wow so nicely done the Talam Cendol. Must be a big hit with the Nonyas. :)
drooling .........

bluecrystal said...

Hi Aunty Yo,

Haven't seen you make kueh-kuehs for a while, and am delighted to see this lovely masterpiece here. Looks really yummy, can teach?

I can't log on to blogger with my usual id to leave comments, dunno why, but blogger keeps saying my password was wrong though I never changed my password since the last time I logged on :( So you don't get to see my ostrich photo this time round.

Sophia said...

This one reminds me of nonya talam kuih.


Yoke said...

hi yochana,

yummy kuih.


Yoke said...

hi yochana,

thanks for the recipe.


bluecrystal said...

Hi Aunty Yo,

Do you think it would be all right for me to skip the alkaline water? Would it affect the texture/taste of the kueh?

Anonymous said...


Thank you again for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.


yochana said...

Hi bluecrystal,

It's better to use alkaline water. It gives the cake a nice crunchy feeling. YOu can omit it but it will not be so crunchy. It will softer in texture.


paulinewong said...

hi anuty Yochana,
my god!! it look sooo good.
can u tell me how to make the cendol itself. thank you so much


Aunty Yochana said...

hi pingw,

you have to cook pandan water with hoon kwee flour and add in some alkaline water till thick then press over a sieve into a bowl of cold water.


May said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

I tried making your Talam Cendol yesterday & it was a great success. My mum brought it to a friend's place for tea, and the whole tray was finished within a few minutes. Thanks for sharing with us such an easy & tasty recipe.

Aunty Yochana said...

Thumbs up May


baker said...

how much milk does two coconuts have? can i use canned coconut milk?

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