Thursday, April 05, 2007

Milo Sponge Jelly


1 pkt. rose brand agar agar powder
75 gm. sugar
50 gm. sugar
500 gm. water
200 ml. evaporated milk
3 eggs
3 Tbsp. Milo mixed with 100 ml. hot water


(1) Mix the agar agar powder with 75 gm. sugar and water and bring to a boil. Stir in milo mixture.
(2) Beat eggs with 50 gm. sugar and slowly pour into the boiled agar agar mixture. then pour in evaporated milk.
(3) Pour mixture into moulds desired and then let it set. Chill.
(4) Sieve extra milo on top of set agar agar and serve.


Kellie said...

Aunty Lucy .. love this love this .. love this !! yum yum yum

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

recipes please??

Anonymous said...

This sure looks yummy!


meiyin said...

may i know exactly how much agar agar powder is needed, in case im using other brand.



Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the sharing.. =)

bluecrystal said...

Hi Aunty Yo,

When we pour the beaten eggs into the agar agar mixture, do we have to wait until the agar agar mixture has cooled down first, so that it would not cook the eggs?

Thanks for the recipe, it's like the jelly version of milo dinosaur! :)

my said...

may i know the exact of weight of the agar agar powder in case i cant find the rose brand powder.

my said...

do u know whether gelatine (yellowish) is the same as normal agar agar powder (normally white).

yochana said...

Hi my,

gelatine is more rubbery (chewy) while agar agar is crunchy, so they are different in texture.


yochana said...

HI my,

1 packet of rose brand agar agar is 13 gm. of agar agar powder.


yochana said...


you can take off the pot from the stove, pour in the eggs into the hot boiled agar agar then back to the stove again to cook for awhile so that it will get cooked and the mixture thickens.


my said...

tq :) amazing culinary blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,
Made this last night, but there are small tiny bits of eggs in the jelly, something wrong with the way I add the egg or its supposed to be like that?

After adding the milo mixture, off fire, stir in the beaten egg ... immediately the egg will form tiny bits of lumps, how do I get rid of those?


yochana said...

Hi angeline,

The eggs should be poured into the boiled mixture in slow steady stream and as you pour, use a hand whisk to stir lightly. The eggs should be in streaks and not in lumps. If lumps then you poured too fast. Anyway, next time if lumps appear, sieve the mixture and throw away the lumps. At least you still get nice milo jelly.


delia said...

made this last nite. taste wonderful!

Jessi said...

hi aunty,

does 500gm water = 500ml water?

this recently u r very bz making mooncakes, still have 2 weeks to go!! hehe....keep the hard works. although i can only c but cannot eat.

yochana said...

Hi Jessi,

yes 500 gm. = 500 ml.

How come you can only see mooncakes but cannot eat? You can buy from the shops.


Jessi said...


u won't understand, i dun like to eat "those mooncakes" available in KL market....not nice! some too sweet, some too dry, nothing special....

yours are absolutely my taste, i like innovative mooncakes!!

Jennifer Fam said...

Tried last night... without eggs may taste better ? What do you think ? Mine, was a bit hard.

yochana said...

Hi Jennifer,

If you don't like the eggy taste , just omit it. Add a bit more water to the agar agar and it will be softer. Some people like it hard and some like it soft.


Hoegarden said...

Hiyo Aunty Yochana...

Tried ur receipe... n loving it... jz tat abit too sweet for me...

so most prob shd be reducin the sugar use...

Thnx for sharing the recipe...