Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mango Sago Freeze



Florence said...

Both looked so good!
But chendol is my favourite.
Did you make the green chendol yourself?

yochana said...

Hi florencd,

I made the chendol myself. Cheap and fresh without preservative.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm....all looks great! I just had Chendol last night (fr Bedok ~ Hollywood)and looking at yours, I don't mind having a bowl :p Lucy, did you make the chendol strips from hoon-kueh powder?


yochana said...

hi ma-li,

yes chendol is made with hoon kwee flour.


bluecrystal said...

Hi Aunty Yo,

Would you please teach me how to make the chendol dessert? It's my mum's favourite :)

Oh, I had no idea we could handmake the chendol strips. I've always thought that the ice-kacang sellers got their supply from factories, and that we commoners can only get chendol strips from the (super)markets.

Anonymous said...

The mago sago looks very yummy. Can teach us how to do it. :P


yochana said...

HI bluecrystal,

to make chendol, you need a chendol presser. It's like a mug with another piece inside to press down the chendol paste. I'm wondering if the big hole grater could be used. Got to press it when it's hot cos it sets very fast.