Monday, March 12, 2007

Almond Biscotti


3 egg white
100 gm. castor sugar
125 gm. cake flour
150 gm. whole almonds - slightly roasted


(1) Whiske egg white with sugar till light and fluffy.
(2) Fold in flour and almonds lightly till till mixture.
(3) Pour into a loaf tin 6" x 9" and bake at 180C for 30 mins. or light brown on top.
(4) Remove cake and leave to cool and then refrigerate till harden.
(5) Slice thinly and arrange onto baking tray and bake at 130C for another 45 mins. till dry and crispy. Leave to cool before storing into cookie containers.


Anonymous said...


This is the first time i came into your blog. Can share the recipe for the Almond Biscotti?

I'll be coming back again.


Anonymous said...

HI Aunt Yochana,

I have been visiting your blog almost everyday to find new updates and recipes... Been trying a few of your recipes and turn out to be good... I would love to make this almond biscotti as I believe it is quite healthy as they are using egg whites except for the sugar which is not so healhy... Would you be able to share the step by step procedures and recipes with me...

Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Yochana,

I love your blog very much. Have been visiting your blog religiously every day. Thank you for sharing your recipes .


yochana said...

you're welcome and I've been religiously posting up recipes and pics for you to drool. *LOL*


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana

Can I bake two trays of biscotti in the oven at the same time.


yochana said...


yes you can bake two tray at the same time but halfway place.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipes...It turns out sooooo well...


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

Sorry to trouble u again coz i need to try out this wonderful recipe Hee~ can i know for the beating of the egg whites, do i hv to achieve soft or stiff perks?

Thanks and Best Rgds,

yochana said...

Hi Huikie,

Soft peak will do.


sing said...

i always have prob when making cookies using egg white. Be it almond biscotti or almond sliced cookies. Instead of crispy it turned out to be chewy. Once it came out from the oven or even when it completely cool, it still chewy. Why is that so? Is it because i used cold or leftover egg whites? Kindly advice. Thank you

Aunty Yochana said...

Hi sing,

I think it's the overmixing that causes it to be chewy.


Foodlover said...


Aunty, can i know how u toast ur almond plz ?


Aunty Yochana said...

Hi Foodlover,

Just toast it in the oven till it's slightly golden brown.


rea said...


how does soft peak looks like? foamy? or when flip the mixing bowl over it won't spill?

Adrijah said...

Here's mine - :)