Friday, March 02, 2007

Pumpkin Tarts


150 gm. plain flour
75 gm. butter
a dash of salt
30 gm. sugar
1/2 egg (beaten)

For fillings: Mix them altogether

100 gm. pumpkin (skinned, steamed and mashed)
40 gm. soft brown sugar
1 large egg
30 gm. evaporated milk


(1) Pastry: Sieve plain flour into a large mixing bowl. Add in butter , sugar and salt and mix till it resembles breadcrumbs.
(2) Add in beaten egg and mix till a pliable dough is formed. Judge the dough yourself, if it's too wet, don't add all and if it's too dry, add a little more egg. Do not overmix dough otherwise gluten will form and your pastry becomes rubbery. Rest the dough for 15 mins.
(3) Press dough into tart mould and trim off excess flour at the rim.
(4) Scoop fillings into tart moulds.
(5) Bake at 180C for about 20 mins. till pastry is golden. Cool well.


Chawanmushi said...

I love pumpkin ....
Can share the recipe for pumpkin tarts? tia

Anonymous said...

I love the way your scones look. So light and fluffy. Would you share the recipe with us please? Thank you.

cheerinotes said...

Hi Aunty - What's the secret in shaping the nice tart shells? I tried baking egg tarts over the weekend and the tart shells I made were so ugly - the crust was either too thin or thick :(

yochana said...

hi cherrinotes,

Normally I will pinch a small piece of dough and press into the tart mould with my thumbs and thus I can feel the thickness of the dough. Press hard to get the imprint of the fluted mould.


Chawanmushi said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks for the recipe :-)