Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pantry Magic part 2


Agnes Tan said...

Bravo... you had good gains from Pantry Magic. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there. I am coming to Singapore in March. I can wait till then. My husband is going to faint. ;-)

Agnes Tan said...

May I know the last picture of white bowls, is it for souffle? Oven proof? How much did you get them for?

As for the coward, never mind. Maybe he/she did not get to show off firt? LOL...

yochana said...

Hi Agnes,

I know you went to the HK branch. I remembered you're from KL..right?

The small white ramekin bowls are made of melamine...first time I see it and it's very cheap. $3-20 for the big one and S$1-10 for the small one. It's oven proof and yes it's for souffle, creme brulee, caramel pudding, etc etc.

Ya...I'm so used to coward nowadays. I just want to let readers know about pantry magic because it's such a wonderful place to browse through and the prices are affordable compared to Wilton stuff.

I promised Elizabeth Wilson that I will spread words around about Pantry Magic. I earn nothing out of it but hope to see Pantry Magic flourish....


karlsfoodie said...

My dear Lucy...
u really have alot of funshopping at pantry magic..
u gave amny of us who nhave no chance to go down there to see what they have!!
Ugnore the coward =) keep posting ur shoppingbags yeahh hehe... We love them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
I love all your new toys. I think we will be seeing more of your beautiful bakes from these wonderful gadgets soon.

yochana said...

yes Karlsfoodie...thanks for your support and yes it's true at least all of you get to see what's in store and you'll be prepared to get them....lots of pans too. I'm thinking of the nutmeg and pepper grinder..

Thanks anc..


tweetybird said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for showing us ur finds.. at least for us who havent gone down can hv a sneak preview of what are available :) ignore that anonymous.. maybe "he" or "she" is envious =X I thought it is really kind of u to show us.. actually hor.. next time when u bake in ur new toys, sure got ppl ask u "What do u use to bake har? Can show what pans u use?" ;)

Continue to show us hor.. eh "show off to us" hor... we like! LOL

Anonymous said...

What show-off? Infact,thank you Lucy for sharing! It's so nice of you to show us some of your shopping ~ I wouldn't have the time to make a trip down;). But at least now I know I can get those ramekins at such a good price!



Rae said...

Hi Aunty,
haven't had time to leave a comment. Busy with work...hahah
But just had 2 say something when I read about the coward. Glad you are not taking his/her words to heart. If not we won't get to see all these nice and pretty things!! But what a loser he/she is. Just like to say, heck care to what he/she said. We LOVE to see all your bakes and buys. :)

shiyan said...

Hey thanks for showing us your rewards and introducing us to Pantry Magic. So envy of what you have! The silicone moulds look great!!!. I really wish I could have them. They are so versatile. :)

I am such a "mountain tortise"... Before your posts, I didn't even know Pantry Magic exists. So sorry. But now that I know, haha, I will definitely make my way down soon.. Heez. always love shopping for baking equipment.

As for that anonymous' post on showing-off... Hmmm.. just wanna let that person know that if not for what Yochana had posted, people like me wouldn't know that there is Pantry Magic, which I personally think it would be a waste.

Angeleyes said...

Aunty Yochana,

The goodies in your shopping bag were fabulous!
I just got my friend who came to visit me bought some Wilton stuff from this Chong Trading and it cost me a bomb!

Is Pantry Magic not in M'sia yet???

I'm staying up in Penang and the KL shop that carries Wilton products charged exorbitant prices so now looking for alternative... and Penang don't have any bake supplies shop that carries more branded products...

yochana said...


our eyes are very bad....yes it's true Wilton is more expensive and also find the wilton KL is so so expensive.

Pantry Magic is more reasonable with their prices. Hope you visit Pantry magic the next time you're in Singapore. Or since I've posted some of their products, you can actually ask someone to get it for you and post it. The silicone moulds are very light...


maRLinda said...

Dear aunty yochana,
I had been lurking here for quite awhile, admiring your skills, I must admit. And I feel like leaving a comment today because of the nasty comment some anon left earlier.
Carry on showing off us to the stuffs you get (thank you!!!!), and your baking skills (so jealous!!!). Maybe one day I would try to make one of your kitchen marvels, and tell you how it went!
And thank you for telling us all about kitchen magic! We would be going home to singapore in about a months time, so I could probably snatch a bargain or two :)

Robert Esser said...

Thank you for all the gratifying compliments and I am happy that everyone has welcomed us so enthusiastically in Singapore. Our stores are spreading across Asia and hopefully soon we will have one Pantry Magic in every major city.

For those of you up in KL, if you really want to see PM in KL (and I am sure it will do well) then buy the franchise, la! We are actively looking for a franchise partner in KL - you can see the complete details at

Keen foodies make the best PM franchisees beacuse of your passion! If you have further questions, please email me: Thanks, Robert Esser

yochana said...

Wow..marlinda, you'll definitely enjoy yourself at Pantry Magic.

As for the's o.k. In this cyberworld, you are bound to come across such nasty people.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana,

Thanks for sharing all yr great buys. I went down last Friday, bought the yellow mixing bowl (I like the pink one u bought but too small for me) & a yellow spatula. The mixing bowls r so colourful thought of buying all the diff. colours but no place for storage.

Kwa Kwa

reena said...

Now I know where to get those white ramekin bowls! I've been looking for the smaller ones but I don't know where to source. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place. I hope to get a chance to visit Pantry Magic.

Anonymous said...

i would think you're showing off too. moreover you can't differentiate between good buys and bad buys. alot of stuffs can be found elsewhere, such as IKEA. they carry alot of nice souffle and baking dishes. but then you choose to buy everything from this expensive store. i pity that you're such a spendthrift who only stay at home and bake and spend all your husband's hard earned money. i should say that i pity your husband most! no doubt you're rich and stay in a big house with maid, there's no reason to be spendthrift.

yochana said...

Hahaha I like to publish this anonymous comments.

Poor anonymous....can't afford to spend and start drooling over other's spendthrift life style.
Frankly speaking, I can even buy over the whole shop but I didn't. I like to buy from Pantry Magic and why are you so sore about it? I like their stuff very much and please don't bad mouth ppl's business. If you like Ikea, well, nobody said you can't go. I shop at Ikea too..

Staying at home to bake cake is not a bad thing... Housewives will normally find something to do to while away thier time.

Dear dear come you are so jealous of me? satisfied with what you have and don't envy others knowing that you can't achieve that level. You won't be happy that way though.

Thanks for your nasty comments...I appreciate. Infact I like to counter attack ppl like you..someone who dare not even show who you are. That is the reason why I purposely publish this comment though I can just reject it. Let others see in life there's always someone like...very pathetic.

rgds and have a nice day whoever you are.

yochana said...

Oh I forgot to add :

nasty anonymous...

I'm truly happy and feel honoured that you took the initiative and precious time to find out about me, what type of house I live in and how rich I am. You must have done a lot of research on me..thanks for taking so much time to kaypoh. Bye!!! have a nice day...

azizah said...


in this world there are many people like this.. let her/him be in their own snobbish world.. just go on with your hobby.. I just found out about your blog and I was just like... oooooo... i luvvv it sooo much that i start telling all my frens about it... and would surely try your recipes...

thank you sooo much as you are not 'kedekut' to share your knowledge with all of us... muaahhhzzzz

Keep up the good job..

yochana said...

hi azizah,

banyak terima kasih for your very warm encouraging words. Just when I needed them...

I hope you enjoy coming to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Lucy,

I am absolutely hooked! Your baking skills, one word. Impeccable. I happened to be there when Pantry Magic just took over the shop and the staffs were busy unpacking their goods. It's such a lovely place to shop. I felt like a little kid in a candy store!

You're awesome!


yochana said...

Hi Wen,

Yes yes...we are just like kids in a toy shop and that includes my 76 year old mum. She also felt excited when she stepped into that shop and made a blunder of it when she sent my things to the cashier to make payment..*LOL*

For your info, use OCBC credit cards to make payment in "Pantry Magic" can get a discount (10%) and for more than $400 (15%).


winnie said...

I bought the silicon mould. The store suggests that I ask what is the best way to turn out the pudding from the mould. Tks.

yochana said...

Hi winnie,

For agar agar , it's very easy to turn it out.

For pudding, what type of pudding? if for creme caramel, it will be better to use ramekins cos it's not easy to turn out from a silicon mould. It will break up.


YooLee said...

where is Pantry Magic shop located exactly? My friend is coming to Singapore this month so I can ask her to buy some goodies there. I forgot where I post my questions auntyyochana, Sorry...What is Hong Kong flour? could you tell me how much the protein contains so I can substitute it with other flour? Your baking is truly awesome, I love them! I'm from Indonesia, nice to know this blog

yochana said...

Hi Yoo Lee

Pantry Magic Pte
43 Jalan Merah Saga
(Chip Bee Gardens) #01-80 Holland Village
278115 | Singapore

Hong kong flour is low gluten flour. You can use cake flour or plain flour to substitute.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana, i just found your blog today and find that it was very generous of you to share pantry magic!! I go to spore once a year on transit so now i know were to go. Does pantry magic sale flour etc? I was surfing to find out if I can see what they sale besides kitchen equipment. Got so many questions to ask you..Did you post your 3day and 5day pau dough recipe? Thanks for sharing.

yochana said...

Hi Taurus,

Pantry doesn't sell ingredients. You can go to sun Lik at 33, Seah street (next to Raffles Hotel).


cookie said...

Hi Yochana,

Forget about the coward. I love anything that you have to show us - your equipment and all your lovely bakes!

Keep it up!


yochana said...

Oh thanks Diana,

I will remember your words and will try to post them.


yochana said...

H..I remembered someone asking me about the Pink ribbed mixing bowl. Here's the price for the bowl.

4 L - $37.80

2.5L - $28.90

The above prices might not be accurate but a rough gauge to it.


gerrie said...

I am soooo excited...I'll be in sg for 10 days end of this month, and was googling baking/kitchen supplies, and pantry magic popped up, and then your website popped up whilst googling pantry magic!
Guess I'll be like a kid in a candy store.
Thanks for showing us your finds.

yochana said...

hi gerrie,

Welcome to Singapore.

Have fun at Pantry Magic. You can also walk further up, same row as Pantry Magic. There's Shermay cooking school on the second floor (they do sell some baking utensils and equipments too) and there's also Phoon Huat on the same floor. Happy Shopping..


Mandy said...


How would you all feel if someone brings Pantry Magic to KL, Malaysia? Would you all support it?

yochana said...

Oh yes Mandy,

I will definitely support. Market could be good though...judging from the amount of ppl baking at home to past away their time.


v._v said...


i been browsing your blog for a while. been looking for recipes, though i haven't used any of your recipe yet, but will do so, when i get to it. Thanks for posting Pantry Magic. and to my surprise, there's one in AUCKLAND! will pay it a visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana,

I was just introduced to ur blog by my sister and to my surprise, you've such a generous person posting all those recipes FOC. One of this day, I would like to try your puff pastry recipe, hope it turns out as your pic.