Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Hot-Dog Doughnuts

spiral-shaped Chocolate Doughnuts

Ingredients for dough:

300 gm. Bread flour
200 gm. plain flour
80 gm. sugar
5 gm. salt
20 gm. milk powder
10 gm. instant yeast
230 ml. water
1 medium size egg
40 gm. shortening or margarine

some fine castor sugar + some cinnamon powder (for coating)


(1) Put all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat till well mixed for about 2 mins.
(2) Pour in water and beaten egg and continue beating for another 8 mins.
(3) Add in shortening and continue beatting for another 5 mins.
(4) Lift up dough from mixer and mould into a round ball and let it rest for about 45 mins.
(5) Roll dough flat on the table, dusting with flour, to about 1 cm. in thickness.
Use doughnut cutter to cut out the doughnuts and place onto tray to let it rest for another 45 mins.
(6) Use medium heat to dee-fry doughnuts till golden. Remove doughnuts onto kitchen towel (absorbent papers).
(7) Leave till warm then coat with cinnamon sugar.

**Recipe adapted from the book "Bread Magic"


Yaha said...


Doughnuts....I have been craving for doughnuts since I got back from Taipei. Tried the "Mister Doughnut" there and really loved them. Hope they will come here in the near future.

All your bakes today, so yummy !

yochana said...



You should try "Krispy Kreme" doughnuts. There's one in Seoul, but I missed it. It's really very good. Hope it will come to sg soon. Yeah..Mister doughnut is good. I used to eat it in Australia too. Eat when it's piping hot..."slurp"


Anonymous said...

recipe for doughnuts...can you share the recipes????

Ling said...

WOW aunty yochana... ur donut seem so DELICIOUS! i tries the summer house donut and was so disappointed... errr... can i grabbed one of your donut...

mami said...

Yochana, I've tried this recipe and it turned out very nice. My children loved them very much. I half-fried some and freeze them for tomorrow. Thanks for the great recipe.

SliZes said...

Hi Yochana,

Thanks for this wonderful recipie, I made this for a group of Children in a mission centre in thailand today, they had fun making and eating it, it was delicious!!


yochana said...

Oh hi Slizes,
that's great...I'm most alive when it comes to doing charity work. Thumbs up to you.


Sophia said...

Hi Lucy! I would like to make these for tomorrow morning breakfast. Mami half-fried some & freeze them for tomorrow. I believe, she re-fried it till golden brown. My question is can I make the dough tonight & freeze them overnight? When tomorrow morning comes, I'll just left it at room temperature for a while before shaping it, let it rest & fry till golden brown. Is it ok, Lucy? Thanks & regards.

yochana said...

Yes sophia that can be done.


piglet~ said...

hi.. may I know how to you make beautiful doughnut shape?

yochana said...

Hi piglet,

use a doughnut cutter or use two round rings - one big and one small one for the hole.


Amy said...

Hello Yochana,

May I know if I need to knead the doughnut recipe at all or just put into a cake mixer and mix them like you mentioned. T.I.A

yochana said...

Hi Amy,

It's better to let the cake mixer do the work cos our hands are not strong enough to work out the gluten.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty,

Hope everything is well with you there.

I tried doughnuts recipe yesterday. I used the stand mixer and follow the instruction carefully. The dough rises quite well after 45mins. The ball of the dough is smooth and rounded then i rolled dough flat and cut them with the doughnut mould and let it rest for 45mins and it rises quite well also. It is soft after i took out from the fryer about an hour later the doughnuts is not that soft. Aunty do you have any idea why is that so? Oya, when u said pour in beaten egg,how should i beat the egg..just beat slightly only?

I would like to try the buttermilk doughnuts today. If i do it the morning i should refrigerate overnight also? i hope i can get the soft texture. Thanks Aunty for reading my message hope to hear from you soon.

Kindest Rgds, Loveswhisper

yochana said...

Hi Loveswhisper

Doughnuts are supposed to be soft even when it's cold. When dusting, don't dust with too much flour and don't add additional flour when kneading.


Anonymous said...

Thanx Aunty for your prompt reply.
Oh! maybe i add extra flour when kneading..tx tx will take your advice and try again. Have a great day!