Monday, December 25, 2006

Pure Hong Kong Style Bobo Chacha Dessert


100 gm. Yam - cut into cubes and steam till cooked
30 gm. Kidney Beans
30 gm. Red beans
30 gm. White Bean
30 gm. White wheat (Bubur Terigu)
20 gm. Sago
150 gm. Sugar
100 gm. Thick coconut milk
60 gm. Evaporated milk
1500 ml. Water
Pandan leaves


(1) Cut yam into pieces and steam until cooked. Set aside.
(2) Put sago into boiling water and boil about 5 mins., off flame let it aside for 10 mins, covered. Then pour into a sieve and set aside.
(3) Clean red beans, kidney beans, white wheat and white beans together, add water and boil until soft.
(4) Add in yam cubes, sago , sugar and pandan leaves and boil again.
(5) Pour in coconut milk and evaporated milk and stir well.
(6) Serve hot.

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