Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lavender Ice-cream


6 gm. Dried Lavender Leaves
3 Tbsp. Coffee-Mate
50 ml. Honey
3 egg yolks
200 ml. UHT milk
250 gm. Non-dairy Whipping Cream


(1) Boil fresh milk with dried lavender leaves and coffee mate over low heat.
(2) Add in egg yolks and stir continously and off the heat.
(3) Add in honey. Leave it to cool.
(4) Fold in non-dariy whipping cream and pour into any ice-cream container. Put into freezer and let it harden.
(5) Take in out from the freezer, whisk till creamy and then pour into a V-shaped mould and let it harden.
(6) Serve.

Note: This recipe is adapted from the book "Desserts of the Month" by Pancy Seng.
I did not use lavender leaves and coffee-mate, instead I cheated by using Lavender milk powder, used for making bubble-tea.


bluecrystal said...

Thanks, Aunty Yo :) I've got a big bag of lavender leaves I have no idea how to expend, so this recipe is gonna come in handy. Will try out the recipe over the long weekend if I'm free, hopefully it turns out as yummy as yours.

Here's wishing you a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi aunty yochana,

Good idea by repalcing with Lavender milk powder. Maybe I should try using Monin syrup and colouring.


yochana said...

Hi alice, aiyoh...should have thought of my Monin Lavender syrup. Should have added some.


Bluecrystal..happy trying.


Anonymous said...

What is coffee mate? Milk or coffee powder?

yochana said...


Coffee Mate (Nestle) is a creamer for coffee. Can get from any supermarket.


Anonymous said...


Can i check with you, what is the different between dairy whipping cream and non-dairy whipping cream. Can you let me know what type of brand of non-dairy whipping cream should I buy? This afternoon I went to Phoon Huat. The sales assistant told me that if the label written "whipping cream" is refered to as Non dairy whipping cream. Is it true? When I bought back the one (Greenfield UHT whipping cream) she mentioned, I tried to whip but somehow it break down so fast. So I just wondered whether I bought the right thing or not.



yochana said...

Hi Alison,

I'm not too sure of Phoon Huat's products. I prefer to buy it from Sun Lik because their products are much much better.

For Dairy Whip Cream, it contains 35% fat. It is more tasty than the Non-Dairy and not so sweet. The only thing is that you have to stand by the mixer as you whip because it thickens very fast and if you continue whipping when it's thicken, it will separate into milk and butter. So do becareful when whipping Dairy Cream. Buy "Elle Vire", "President", "Fuschli" ,
"Even"..these are the few brands.

For Non-Dairy Whip cream, they do not contain fat and therefore , not so tasty for mousse but it's superb for decorating the cake. Whip it when it's chilled. Leaving it to room temp will spoil the cream. You can buy Value Pride, Pour N Whip, Rich -- just to name a few.

I suggest you should ask Phoon Huat properly before you embark on their cream.


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty

thank you so much for the information that you had given me. As for this recipe, u are actually using non-dairy whipping cream right? Can it be replace with dairy whipping cream? will the taste be the same.


yochana said...

Hi alison,

Yes you can use dairy whip cream but the volume will be smaller.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,
Love your blog.

I have a pack of lavender leaves in my fridge and I'm planning to make this. I suppose I can replace coffee mate with milk powder?