Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Multi colour Ring Jelly with Barley

Ingredients for Barley 1st layer:

200 gm. cooked barley seeds (use about 50 gm. dry seeds to boil)
15 gm. agar agar powder
150 gm. rock sugar
600 ml. barley water
2 nos. of pandan leaves tied into a knot

Ingredients for 2nd Layer:

100 gm. split green beans (soaked, steamed and then blend with some water to about 300 gm.)
15 gm. agar agar powder
200 gm. thin coconut milk
100 gm. thick coconut milk
a few drops of egg-yolk colouring

Ingredients for 3rd layer:

20 gm. agar agar powder
130 gm. sugar
600 gm. thin coconut milk
2 nos. of pandan leaves tied into a knot
150 gml. thick coconut
100 gm. green sago (cook till transparent and then wash under running tap)
a drop of green colouring


(1) Cook 1st layer till boiling and then pour into a bundt pan and let it be semi-set.
(2) Boil the 2nd layer then gently spoon on top of the half-set barley layer.
(3) Boil the 3rd layer till sugar and agar agar dissolves and then pour on top of the 2nd layer.
(4) Let is set and chill it before serving.


Hugbear said...

Lucy, your agar agar is really pretty.

Angela said...

Is the barley water the water used after boiling the barley?


yochana said...

Yes Ange,

barley water is water used after boiling the barley.


resimler said...

Nice eat :P
Thank you

Anonymous said...


We used to buy from NTUC packet coconut milk. How to dilute them into thin coconut milk ? please state the proportion.


Aunty Yochana said...


Proportion is up to one's taste.

You can go 1 part water + 1 part coconut milk.

If you don't like too much coconut:

you can use 2 part water and 1 part coconut milk.