Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pear Swiss Roll

Ingredients for sponge cake:

3 eggs
60 gm. castor sugar
70 gm. cake flour
40 gm. cornoil
few drops of green colouring
some black sesame seeds for sprinkling onto tray

Ingredients for Pear filling:

60 gm. castor sugar
2 pears (peeled, cored and cubed)
1/2 Tbsp. cornflour
1/2 Tbsp. butter
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. nutmeg powder (optional)

100 gm. Butter cream for spreading


(1) Whisk eggs and sugar till light and fluffy.
(2) Gently fold in flour, green colouring and cornoil and mix thoroughly taking care not to deflate the eggs.
(3) Sprinkle black sesame seeds onto lined tray 10" x 14" (25 cmx 35 cm).
(4) Pour batter onto tray and level it.
(5) Bake at 200C for about 8 - 10 mins.
(6) Remove from oven and cool on wire rack.
(7) For fillings: mix all the ingredients together and cook in a pot over low heat till mixture thickens then set aside to let it cool completely.
(7) When the sponge is completely cooled,lay onto a piece of greaseproof paper, spread butter cream on top and then sprinkle cooked pears on top.
(8) With the help of the greaseproof paper, roll the sponge into a swiss roll.
(9) Chill before slicing.


Choo said...

Hi Yochana, I thought of trying your rainbow swiss roll recipe. Just wondering, can I substitute the optima sponge mix using normal flour? Thanks.

yochana said...

Hi choo

Optima flour is a mixture of flour, sugar and emulsifier but I don't know their proportion. You can actually use any swiss roll recipe that doesn't require optima flour but use the idea to make into a colourful rainbow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana's,

You sure are a wonderful cook. Everything looks so good.

May I have the recipes for the Papaya Swiss Roll and the Pandan Swiss Roll? They look so yummy!

Thank you so much for sharing.

Angela said...

Hi Yochana

I tried the pear swiss roll today, its now chilling in the fridge. I used a 10" by 10" tray. When rolling, I notice the center of the roll cracked a little. Could this be because I put too much pear filling? or the cake was too thick? or I over beat the mixture?

Thanks in advance for the advice! :)

yochana said...

Hi Angela,

There could be an overbending action. I need to see a picture of your swiss roll then only I can comment whether the fillings are too much or the sponge is too thick.


Angela said...

Hi Yochana,

I just cut the roll, turned out the rolling was too loose... how can i send you the pic?

yochana said...

Angela, you can email to me: yochana2001@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

I tried to make this Pear Swiss Roll today. The sponge is a bit too hard. What happen? Did I overbeat the eggs? And I used a 39.5cmx27cm pan so the sponge turned out to be very thin also.
When I rolled the swiss roll, which way should I roll it, I should hold the 27cm and roll or hold the 39.5cm to roll? Overall it did not look nice but it taste quite good. THank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

I forgot to signoff as Cindy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana,I have seen many of your swiss rolls,some without recipe.They look so beautiful.Why not you publish into a book. I love to get hold of one.

anna said...

Hi Yochana, I have seen all the swiss rolls made by you,some without recipe.They look so beautiful.Why not publish into a book.I would love to get hold one.uthlzqo

Yappee said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

I would love to try this recipe, your cake looks too good, too pretty... kindly please tell me what cake flour is? Does the package actually say cake flour? and what brand u normally use? Can I use plain flour instead?
Thanks in advance