Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chequered skin swiss roll with lemon and pineapple filling


4 eggs
80 gm. castor sugar
95 gm. plain flour
50 gm. cornoil
a little chocolate paste

Filling: 100 gm. butter cream
2 pieces pineapple rings - chopped
a few red cherries - diced
Some lemon filling (or jam)


(1) Whisk eggs and sugar till fluffy.
(2) Fold in flour and cornoil.
(3) Take a little of the batter and add in chocolate paste. Fill into a piping bag and pipe chequered patterns onto the tray (10" x 14"). Got to be quick otherwise it will flow and become a big patch.
(4) Pipe balance white batter on top of the pipe chequered pattern and bake at 190C for about 8 - 10 mins.
(5) Remove from oven and leave to cool on a wire rack.
(6) Cream sponge with butter cream, spread lemon filling on top and sprinkle chopped pineapples and diced cherries on top. Roll into a swiss roll and keep the refrigerator till set.
(7) Slice and serve chilled.


Anonymous said...

hiya yochana

i'm quite new to baking, including swiss rolls... used to do it in home economics class but all return back to teacher..i like to check with u do i have to put some kind of paper on the container before pouring in the mixture and bake it?

then with that paper, roll the swiss roll to the shape u have? thanks

Aunty Yochana said...


you must line your cake tray with greaseproof or silicone paper. Wait for it to cool, spread cream and then just roll into a log shape.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
Please let me know how to make butter cream for the swiss roll?

Aunty Yochana said...

I will post the Butter cream recipe on it's own though I have it in the Opera swiss roll.


Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie Yochana,
Every time I roll the swiss roll, it cracks. The texture is good but I think it's due to the cooling time. Could you kindly advise me optima time for the cooling of swiss roll before we apply the butter cream?