Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chendol Jelly

Ingredients for Gula Melaka Layer:

100 gm. Palm Sugar or Gula Melaka
1/8 tsp. salt
60 ml. water
1 blade pandan leaf (knotted)

2 tsp. agar-agar powder
1 egg yolk
100 gm. thick coconut milk
200 ml. water
2 blades of pandan leaves

Ingredients for Chendol layer:

130 gm. sugar
1/8 tsp. salt
3 tsp. agar-agar powder
1 Tbsp. cornflour
160 gm. thick coconut milk
550 ml. water
2 blades of pandan leaves
320 gm. chendol

1 small floral cutter
some floral moulds


(1) Boil gula melaka, salt, water and pandan leaves together till sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and seive it.
(2) Add egg yolk into coconut milk and put into a pot. Add in agar agar powder, water, pandan leaves and boil till agar agar dissolves.
(3) Pour gula melaka mixture into a 7" square tray. Let it set. When set, use a floral cutter to cut out floral agar agar.
(3) Mix the chendol layer ingredients together in a pot. Boil the chendol layer ingredients till sugar and agar agar dissolves. Add in chendol. Pour the chendol layer into floral mould and then put a piece of the cut out gula melaka agar agar in the center. Leave it to set in the refrigerator.
(4) Serve chilled.

*This recipe is adapted from the book: Kuih Muih


jess said...

Hi yochana aunty..
wow ur chendol jelly so nice... where u bought ur floral mould from ?? so cute.

yochana said...

jess, I bought the floral mould from Sun Lik at 33, Seah Street (next to Raffles Hotel).


bluecrystal said...

Hi Aunty Yochana, i tried out this recipe last week. But because I don't have the floral moulds/cutters, i improvised by making the gula melaka layer into fillings and putting them inside the chendol shells.

Friends and family tried the agar-agar, and they went wah!! They really enjoyed it alot. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us :)

yochana said...

wah bluecrystal....good idea.

Glad everybody enjoyed your jelly...worth it huh.


Anonymous said...

Hi yochana,

I did chendol last week so i wanted to try out this jelly.
Can i use the agar-agar strips instead of powder.
Can u tell me wht is the portion agar-agar strips should i add. coz everytime i do jelly it will come out either watery or very hard.
Please advice me.

Thanks and take care

yochana said...

Hi Ela,

I've not tried using agar agar strips cos it's too troublesome, so I can't advise you in case it doesn't work. Buy Rose brand agar agar powder, it's very convenient.
Agar agar is up to individual's taste. Some like it soft and some like hard and crunchy. Adjust the water to your preference.


Anonymous said...

hi anuty

Anonymous said...

hi auntie yo, could you tell me what the name of thte author for this book? Thanks a lot!

Aunty Yochana said...

hi anonymous,

I made this in 2006, I can't remember which book at the moment. If I do see it again, I will let u know.