Monday, October 16, 2006

Apple Cocoa Buns

Ingredients for bun dough:

350 gm. Bread Flour
10 gm. Instant Yeast
1/4 tsp. salt
30 gm. sugar
40 gm. Honey
40 gm. Condensed Milk
20 gm. milk powder
30 gm. cocoa powder
125 gm. water
125 gm. chocolate milk or fresh milk
1/2 tsp. Bread improver
30 gm. margarine

some desiccated coconut and strawberry jam - for decoration

Ingredients for filling:

400 gm. green apples - cut into cubes
120 gm. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
100 gm. water

40 gm. cornflour + 50 gm. water - for thickening
20 gm. Butter


(1) Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl except margarine and cocoa powder and beat for about 10 mins. till a dough is formed.
(2) Add in margarine and cocoa powder and continue beating for another 5 mins.
(3) Rest dough for 45 mins.
(4) For fillings: Put the apples, sugar, water and salt into a pot and boil for awhile then thicken it with the cornflour solution. Leave to cool.
(5) After 45 min., remove the dough from bowl, scale and weigh the dough into 60 gm. each. Roll into a round ball and leave to rest for 10 mins.
(6) Roll out the rounded dough and wrap with some apple fillings.
(7) Leave onto a tray and let it rest for another 45 mins.
(8) Glaze buns with some beaten egg and bake at 190C for about 10 mins.
(9) Leave it to cool and then spread some jam at the side and stick with dessicated coconut. Top up with some apple filling.
(10) Serve.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks for sharing the recipe here.
May I ask if the cocoa bread tastes good by itself?. Sweet enough? Am thinking of doing this without the filling.

yochana said...


I've sweet tooth and don't like the bitter taste so I prefer it with the apple filling. I think it should taste good even without the fillings.
Maybe you can add some raisins into the dough if you want to omit the apple fillings


nikki said...

what is bread improver??

yochana said...

hi nikki,

you can omit this bread improver. It helps and improve the fermentation process of the bread.


corine chan said...

Hi Yachana,

May i know why some bread need bread improver,some no need?


yochana said...

Hi cc chan,

Bread improver is optional , so that is why sometimes got and sometimes don't have.