Monday, September 04, 2006

Traditional Yeast Dough Cake

Ingredients for yeast dough:

50 gm. Plain flour
50 gm. Water
1/4 tsp. Instant Yeast

Mix together and rest for 1 1/2 hours.


150 gm. castor sugar
20 gm. Honey
3 nos. Eggs
10 gm. ovalette
100 gm. Plain flour
1 tsp. Baking Powder
a few drops of Vanilla essence


(1) Mix all the yeast dough ingredients till well mixed and rest for 1 1/2 hours.
(2) Beat all the ingredients until thick then add in the proved yeast dough and mix well.
(3) Pour into small moulds (brush shortening and dust with flour).
(4) Bake at 180C for about 15 - 20 mins. Take out, turn upside down and leave to cool.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yochana,

May I know whether the cup and spoon measrument for Singapore is the same as Malaysia's cup and spoon measurement?

How much is 10gm of ovalette in spoon measurement?

What's the purpose of brushing shortening to the moulds? Can I use butter to substitute?

In step 2, do we put in all the ingredients and beat together or there are steps involved?

How long should we beat the step 2? Is it we should beat till fluffy?

Then last question, in the step 1, do we stir the yeast mixture with spoon or mixer?

Do we leave the cake to cool invertly in the mould or take out from the mould to cool?

Very sorry for the long questions. I am new in baking.

Thanks Yochana.

yochana said...

Wow, that's a pretty lot of questions. Anyway, here it goes:

cup and spoon measurement is the same for Singapore and Malaysia.

10 gm. of ovalette is about 2 level tsp.

brushing shortening or butter to the moulds will ease taking out from the mould when the cake is cooked. I would suggest some dusting of flour too. Just sprinkle some flour after greasing the mould and knock out the balance flour that did not stick to the mould.

Beat all the ingredients together.

Beating the ingredients till fluffy varies as everyone's machine is different. It depends on how powerful your machine is. Just beat until it's thick and fluffy will do.

I prefer to use hand to stir the yeast mixture rather then spoon or mixer. Try to avoid using mixer as it will deflate the batter.

Cool the cake slightly then remove from mould and then cool on the rack.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yochana,

Thanks a million on your advices. I really appreciate them alot, and you helped me in my baking journey.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yochana,
Tried your recipe; had a hard time getting the cakes out of their mould. After baking I inverted the moulds and let cake to cool completely. Then I turned it over and run a sharp knife around the mould..the cake was stuck to the bottom of the moulds. What did I not do right..?.

Also, is the cake suppose to have a sponge texture? It's not like the cake I ate when I was little.. where the outside was thicker and darker and the inside have a denser texture.


yochana said...

Hi anonymous, would appreciate if you could put in your identity.

The yeast dough you saw in my blog is exactly what I get.

You have to grease and dust your mould with a little flour before pouring in the batter. Put in more shortening to ensure easy removal from the moulds.

I suggest you try again. With the high amount of shortening in the mould could give your yeast dough a darker colour.

My yeast dough cake has no problem of removal from the moulds. Cheers!!!

Jen said...

Hi, Just learn how to put name identifier,
I am Jen. In your step (2)where you said 'beat' all ingredients... did you use a whisk or a k\beater...?

Also, I used procelain tea cups instead of metal moulds.. would that make a difference...? If I bake it in a cake tin, would it work & how long should it be bake and at what temp..?

yochana said...

Hi Jen, use a whisk to beat.

Porcelain cups..can it withstand the heat in the oven? If you use a cake tin, size 9" round, then it would be around 40 mins.


june said...

hi yochana

what will happen if i dont use ovalette?....i have no idea what it is so i wiki-ed it and it syas its to stabilize the rising of the there anything to substitute it?
and btw is this the same thing as Ji Dan Gao? something like the ones used as offerings to the chinese gods...
i am in australia and am craving it....


yochana said...

Hi June.

without ovalette will be something like kueh bolu. I think you can try ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Yochana. What is ovalette and what substitute can i use for this? Also what is bread softener?
Thanks S.Rawji.

Pushpa said...

Hello Aunty Yochana, I tried your recipe yesterday. All was ok. I used KitchenAid to beat the dough till white and fluffy. The mixture was so creamy and nice. I used corn oil to grease my mould and then dust with flour. I used three type of mould including non stick. But when the cake was baked and cooled, it stuck to the base of the mould. Was nothing like yours. It breaks badly. The cake was also very spongy and dense. Did I overbeat. Please help cos this is my sons favourite cake. Thanks

Pushpa said...

Thank you for sharing. I tried this cake yesterday. All was well until I tried to remove it from the mould after baking. It got stuck quite badly and all my cake looks distorted. I beat the egg and sugar till white and stiff and added the rest. The yeast dough was the last. The mixture looks so creamy. I used corn oil to oil the mould and dust some flour. I also used three type of mould, non stick incuded. I am so disappointed cos this is my sons fav. Where could I have gone wrong. Yours looks so beautifull. Please help.