Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mocha chocolate mousse cake

Ingredients for sponge cake:

3 eggs
180 gm. Chocolate optima flour
1 tsp. ovalette
3 tsp. instant coffee powder mix with 40 gm. of hot water
1 tsp. coffee emulco
60 ml. corn oil

Note: This sponge cake can slice into 2 layers but you can also use 1 slice chocolate sponge and 1 plain sponge.

coffee mousse filling:

1 tsp. gelatine powder mix with 3 Tbsp. water
1 tsp. coffee paste
200 gm. non dairy whip cream
50 gm. black raisins
1 Tbsp. Kahlua or Tia Maria

Ingredients for chocolate mousse filling:

60 gm. chopped chocolate
1 tsp. cocoa powder
1 tsp. gelatine powder mix with 45 ml. milk
150 gm. non dairy whip cream (can use the chocolate flavour whip cream if you have)
1 Tbsp. Chocolate liquer or Creme de Cacao

For garnishing:

Some fresh cream and some Hershey cocoa powder


(1) Beat chocolate optima flour, eggs and coffee mixture till fluffy.
(2) Add in coffee emulco and cornoil and mix thoroughly.
(3) Pour into a 9" square tin and bake at 175C for about 25 mins.
(4) Remove from tin and leave on wire rack to cool. Slice into 2 layers.
(5) For coffee mousse, melt the gelatine with water in a microwave oven or double boil till gelatine melts.
(6) Mix gelatine mixture into whipped cream, fold gently and then add in coffee emulco or paste, kahlua and raisins.
(7) Spread the coffee mousse onto one layer of chocolate sponge cake. Lay another layer of sponge cake on top of the coffee mousse filling.
(8) For chocolate mousse, melt the chocolate over double boiler or microwave it. Mix the milk with gelatine powder, let it bloom and then microwave it till gelatine melts. Fold melted chocolate and gelatine mixture into whipped cream. Add in chocolate liquer and cocoa powder. Fold till evenly mixed.
(9) Spread the chocolate mousse filling onto the 2nd layer sponge cake and level it.
Put into the refrigerator to let it set.
(10) Pipe some lines onto the chocolate mousse and sieve top with some cocoa powder.
(11) Refrigerate again and let it set. Chill and serve.


Anonymous said...

dear Yochana

Hi, what is Chocolate optima flour?
Is it available in sg and if we cant find it, any subsitute?


yochana said...

Hi Serene,

Chocolate optima flour is a special premix whereby the flour, sugar and leavening agents are all mixed. You can get it from Sun Lik or Phoon Huat.


honeydoll said...


Can you please tell me what is non dairy whip cream, not available over here, can I substitue with something else. Also can non dairy cream be whipped??? I thought only thickened cream can be whipped???

yochana said...

Hi honeydoll,

You can get the whipped cream from Sun Lik at 33, Seah street,


Ean said...

do i need to beat the whipped cream?..