Friday, August 04, 2006

Checkerboard Cake

This cake needs the above special checkerboard cake pan set and if you don't have, just use 2 pcs. of smaller cake ring to fit into your cake pan.


180 gm. Butter
250 gm. sugar
3 nos. eggs
1 tsp. vanilla essence
200 ml. fresh milk
250 gm. cake flour
10 gm. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
60 gm. cooking chocolate - chopped coarsely and melted

Ganache: Mix together and double-boil

250 gm. chocolate
180 gm. Dairy cream


(1) Beat butter and sugar till creamy.
(2) Add in eggs one at a time and beat till well mixed.
(3) Pour in the fresh milk gradually and if it cuddels, add a tablespoon of flour and then mix till creamy. Add in salt and vanilla essence.
(4) Add in the balance flour and baking powder and mix thoroughly.
(5) Divide the batter into 2 portions, giving a bit more to the plain portion.
(6) Add melted chocolate into the lesser portion.
(7) Use piping bags, fill up the bags with batter and pipe alternately into the ring and then lift up the rings.
(8) You need 3 trays of 9" cake pan to pipe the alternate colours.
(9) Bake at 175C for about 35 mins or till cooked.
(10) For ganache, put all the ingredients into a microwave bowl and microwave it till chocolate melts, stir it till smooth and let it set before pouring onto cake.
(11) Spread each layer of cake with ganache and lay the cakes alternately to get a checkerboard pattern.
(12) Pour balance ganache onto cake and set in the fridge before slicing it.
(13) Slice with a warm knife but not too hot otherwise the chocolate will smudge the cake and it looks untidy.


cindy said...

I am impressed by ur baking all are very beautiful and creative.

Ellena Mummy said...

Until now then i know there is a special cake tin for making this type of checkerboard cake... thanks for the way, where did u get this special cake tin from?

yochana said...


I bought it from Singapore.


amelia said...

Hi Lucy, I tried out this recipe last week,the taste was good soft & fluffy. since I do not have this special cake tin, I made into marble cake. Thanks for sharing.

Baby said...

Hi Aunty,

I think you have left out the ganache recipe. : )

yochana said...

Hi Baby,

Thanks for letting me know.

I've put in the ganache. After melting, let it set (cooled and thicken) before pouring onto cake.


Nidhi said...

Hello Yochana ji,
I tried you recipe of this cake, but didn't use this pan as I don't have it. Can you tell me from where to buy it?? It turned out so well, my hubby was very impressed. Thanks to you.

yochana said...


Were are you from? If you are in SG, you can buy it from Chef Warehouse at Toa Payoh Lorong 1. Block 148. Tel: 6252 2260. I think they call it volcano..something

Please call before going down cos she always has no stock. Perhaps if you leave your e-mail and if I see anyone wants to sell theirs, I can give your email to them.


vien said...

I have been looking for this checkerboard pans set a long time .Went to TP and got it(2nd last one). Is called colorful volcano cake mould.The shop lady will be clueless if you say checkerboard pans.
Thanks so much Lucy for the info (where to buy)as well as the recipe. :)

yochana said...

Thanks Vien,

for the info.


nikki said...

are those eggs really needed? any chance of substitution?

yochana said...


for all cookies, just replace the eggs with milk then.


nikki said...

yochana, thanks . i will replace eggs with lil milk for cookies. but what about for this checkerboard cake recipe? pls have a note for substitution of eggs below all cakes which has eggs in it, if it is possible.your cakes look sooooo delicious, i can't help asking this. thanks and sorry

MsCake said...

Hi Aunty Lucy

These few days I hv been viewing yr blog and come across this lovely cake. Don't quite understand when u said :-

1) piping the batter alternatively
into the slot and WHY u hv to
lift it out, become 'marble'
cake ??

2) WHY need to hv 3 pcs 9" tray ?
I just cannot figure out this ?


nadiana_ally said...

Hi Aunty,

Let me first start by thanking you for this recipe, it taste superbly good, though i did not do it the checkered way (not as skillful as you) but by marble effect. My cake however cracks on top, whats the cause of this? Hope to hear your reply.


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty,

My mom is very interested in these patterned cakes. However I have surveyed some baking shops and find thecake pan pricey. May I know how much did it cost you at the Chef Warehouse?