Monday, June 26, 2006


This is my recipe for a simple puff pastry curry puff:


Ingredients for Pastry:

300 gm. Plain flour
120 gm. Margerine
175 gm. cold water
5 gm. salt
1 tsp. lime juice
25 gm. castor sugar

150 gm. Pastry margarine

Fillings ingredients:

300 gm. potatoes
300 gm. yellow sweet potatoes (you can use all potatoes if you like)
150 gm. chicken breastmeat - diced
1 1/2 Tbsp. meat curry powder
1 Tbsp. chopped garlic
2 Tbsp. Chopped shallots
3 stalks of lemon grass - bruised
50 gm. coconut milk

Seasoning: 2 tsp salt, 250 gm. water
1 tsp. sugar, 1 tsp. MSG


(1) Mix all the pastry ingredients together except the pastry margarine and let it rest in the refrigerator for 20 mins.

(2) Flatten dough and roll into a rectangular shape and wrap in the pastry
margarine, rest dough for 15 mins.

(3) Roll our dough and do 3-folds (single fold). Repeat twice and after every
rolling , rest the dough for 20 mins.

(4) For fillings:
Heat 500 gm. oil in the kwali, dee-fry the cube potatoes and sweet potatoes
until half-cooked.

(5) Heat another 3 tbsp. of oil, saute garlic, shallots, serai and curry powder
until fragrant. Add in chicken meat, potatoes and water, let it simmer in low
heat until cooked and thicken. Add in coconut milk and stir for a while. Let it cool.

(6) Roll out dough into 3mm. thick.

(7) Cut out dough with a round cutter of your preference.

(8) Wrap in curry fillings.

(9) Seal and pinch the edges to form a wave design. Use a fork to prick some holes
on top of the curry puffs.

(10) Brush with egg glaze and bake in oven at 190C for 25 - 30 mins. or until golden brown.


Anonymous said...

Hi aunty yochana, what exactly is pasrty margarine. Can i use just regular margarine? Just loves your baking thanks for all the recipe.

yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

Do not use normal margarine like Planta for making puff pastry. It's too soft unless you chill it all the time while rolling. When the margarine is soft, it will ooze out at the side while rolling.
Pastry margarine is a margarine that is been specially blended to produce a tough plastic-like margarine with a high melting point. There is no other substitute for pastry margarine. Go to bakery marts or supermarket to buy the pastry margarine.


Anonymous said...

hallow aunty i live in canada i cant find any pastry margarine here what should i use? thank you

yochana said...

Hi anonymous,

Actually Canada is very cold and you can do without the pastry margarine. You use unsalted butter mixed with some plain flour.
Your country is cold so the butter will not ooze out like ours. Actually the unsalted butter will taste better than pastry margarine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana

Just found your blog while browsing for the layered curry puff.Was wondering how is the step 3 all about.Cant imagine how to do it.Could you kindly explain a bit more for me.Thank you

Aunty Yochana said...

Hi anonymous

Roll out the dough into a rectangle then use a marker to make a marking into 3 equal size and overlap each other and it will make into 3 layers...then you repeat the same procedure.

I hope you can understand now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Yochana,

Can I substitute margarine with butter in the basic dough?


Aunty Yochana said...

Hi anonymous

yes you can use butter to sub.


kelly said...

hello aunty,

i just tried your curry puff filling today and it turned out nice! it looked very pro haha. although i used evaporated milk instead of coconut milk cause i dun have it. n i think add a little light soya sauce make it nicer :D

thx for sharing e recipe!