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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blueberry Egg White Layered Cake


450 gm. egg white
180 gm. castor sugar
350 gm. butter
100 gm. condensed milk
180 gm. blueberry pie filling
180 gm. cake flour


(1) Cream butter with condense milk till light and creamy
(2) Whisk egg white with sugar till soft peak.
(3) Fold in creamed butter with whisked egg white, then fold in cake flour.
(4) Divide mixture into 2 portions.
(5) Add blueberry pie filling into 1 portion and leave the other portion plain.
(6) Line a 7" sq. tray. Spread 4 Tbsp. of plain mixture and steam for about 5 mins. or till cooked.
(7) Spread 5 Tbsp. Blueberry mixture onto the steamed plain cake and steam again for about 5 mins. or till cooked. Repeat till finished.
(8) Cool on wire rack before slicing.

Recipe adapted from the book "Sarawak Layered Cake" by Jamie Jong.


zurynee said...

Lucy, this look lovely. Can share recipe? Thanks


Apa itu said...

umm - sounds like a healthy cake, egg white. Love all your layered cakes. Can we please have this recipe?

Nina said...

auntie, i just got a bit confused with the me please with step 3 - step 5. Actually when should i add the blueberry pie filling? The cake looks so tempting and I want to give it a try....

yochana said...

Hi Nina,

Sorry there was a typo error and I've corrected it. Read through again and I'm sure you'll be able to make it.


Apa itu said...

Thanks for posting the recipe, must try. Sounds yummy just reading, drool!

Anonymous said...

Tried this last night, but mine din turn out like your picture :-(

Not sure whether is it due to my creaming, the whole cake seems very 'heavy' and moist. My butter was quite or rather very hard to mix into the whites.
To cream the butter till 'light' ... referring to the color or weight?

Any way to cover the 'eggy' smell? Feel that the whole kitchen smells of egg white.

Do I need to mash the blueberries? The area around the blueberries are extremely moist. Is this correct?

Last Qn ... need to grease the tin? I din so when try to unmould the cake, it breaks into 2!!!

Sorry for asking so many Qns and thank Q for your patience.


yochana said...

HI Angeline,

Bluberry pie filling are somehow watery so no need to deliberately smash it though you can do that if you want to. Steam cakes are normally moist and dense unlike the light butter cake. You must beat the butter until it is creamy white...light and it won't be difficult to fold.

As for the eggy smell in your kitchen, just have to wash it with soap and water.


Yan's Delites said...

i will be attempting the making of this cake this wkend. As this receipe uses only the egg whites, may i ask what do you usually do with the egg yolks? Throwing it away seems like a waste. What would you suggest?

yochana said...


You make Lapis cake with the egg yolks.


Yan's Delites said...

tats a cool idea ! tks Yochana.
then again, i dun tink i can handle making 2 types of cakes in a day.
wat wld u recommend as a best solution to 'preserve' the egg yolks? keep in chiller or freezer ? will it keep for 2 -3 days ? nvr tried b4 though.

yochana said...

hi yan's delites,

Normally egg yolks cannot be kept in the freezer and even if you put in the chiller, it will harden at the surface. Try not to keep for more than 24 hours. You must cover it a plastic sheet on top. Press the plastic sheet on top of the egg yolks so that no air will dry up the surface. This helps to preserve the egg yolks longer.


Yan's Delites said...

just read the lapis receipes which are lovely but my oven does not have the grill function. haiz.
can i pester and ask any other receipe you would recommend.
(p.s. i will take forever to go through all your lovely receipes and the Q&As). Pls. thank you.

Ee said...

hi Lucy,
what is blueberry pie filling?

yochana said...

hi Ee,

Blueberry pie filling comes packed in canned form. It's cooked with sugar and some cornflour. If you can't get this, buy blueberries and cook with some sugar and cornflour.


Anonymous said...

do you have any recipe that grills the lapis cake instead of steaming and only uses egg white? Can this cake be grilled?

Anonymous said...

hello auntie,

this is a very interesting recipe. i've tried grilling an egg layered cake before but the result-not-so-moist-layered-cake...unlike the usual layered cakes. definitely will try this recipe since i have lots of leftover egg whites.tq!