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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Butter Cheese Cake


225 gm. Cake flour ) sifted together
1 tsp. Baking powder )
250 gm. Butter
200 gm. sugar
100 ml. fresh milk
100 gm. diced cheddar cheese
5 nos. eggs
1 tsp. vanilla essence


(1) Cream butter with sugar till creamy and smooth.
(2) Add in eggs one at a time, mix well before the next addition.
(3) Add in diced cheddar cheese and vanilla essence.
(4) Fold in fresh milk and cake flour sifted with baking powder alternately till finished.
(5) Pour into a ring pan and bake at 180C for about 45 mins. or till a stick inserted in comes out clean.
(6) Leave cake in the pan for 5 mins. before removing. Leave on cake rack to cool before slicing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty !
Thank you so much for this receipe , you're the best ! :)
I miss your post when you're away for holiday !

yochana said...

Have fun baking Michelle.


Mami said...

Hi There,

this cake looks delicious... Can I use normal baking tin instead of ring pan for this cake?


yochana said...

Yes Mami, you can use an 8" square baking tray to make this cake.


Anonymous said...

Hi yochana,

I've tried making this marvallous looking cake but seems not very successful. The color of my cake is very light and is one tone. Unlike yours, which has double tone, that looks like bread to me. Can you advise?

Tks and regards
Mrs Tan

yochana said...

Hi Mrs. Tan,

What is the texture of your cake? Did you happen to cut down the sugar? If cakes doesn't have enough sugar, it doesn't caramelize and get the brown look.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Yochana

Tks for your quick reply. The cake seems to be a bit moist and soft. And the cheddar cheese dun really resemble the pic you post. Btw, I did follow the sugar amount.

Tks again
Mrs Tan

Yaha said...


I made this cake today :)
It's soft and nice, and smell good too :)

Will let it mellow and eat another slice tomorrow.

yochana said...

Congrats Yaha,

Enjoy eating..


delia said...

I tot of making this cake for the CNY. The diced cheddar cheese should be diced how big? Thanks!

yochana said...


cut into small dices.


delia said...

Hi Aunty,
Actually, I wanted to make this cake for CNY but it came out terrible. The surface of the cake is soft but the rest is hard. I follow the recipe to the t. Any idea what went wrong? I tot of making it again but afraid I'll fail again.

yochana said...

HI delia,

I really have no idea but I will try to come out with a butter cheese cake recipe.


cn said...

Hi Yochana

I would like to bake this cake tonight. Hoping you could advice.. for step 4 when you indicate to FOLD in milk and cake flour, is it using the cake mixer to fold in or by hand?

Looking forward for your reply soon. Appreciate & thanks.